5 Tips to quickly connect to a human operator

Calling companies these days is a time consuming effort as most companies have their IVR systems where the caller needs to select options, hear more options and select until they find a human to speak to. To be fair, this is a sensible approach from the companies as they have automated systems to answer simple queries such as someone trying to find the address or phone number or working hours or have some question that can be really answered by the system itself.

Why Companies make it harder to speak to a human operator?

However, in a fraction of these calls, people have some unique problem that the system cannot understand or comprehend and which requires a human operator to look into. This is where it gets tricky as human operators are usually expensive compared to an automated system and companies are always trying to maximize profits and reduce their costs. So companies make it a practise to try and hide the option to speak to a human operator until all the other options are provided to the customer and the customer still needs to speak to the operator.

Tips to quickly get through to the human operator skipping the automated system

– Press 0 or # repeatedly. Sometimes the IVR system will connect you directly to the operator. Some systems will disconnect the call stating maximum number of attempts is exceeded
– Do not press any option. Just be on the line and pretend that you are incapable of pressing the buttons. Sometimes, the system will automatically connect to the operator
– Select options that are connected faster than others

  • Airlines / OTAs / Booking – Select the option for a new booking even if you want to enquire about something else or want to modify or cancel. New bookings are always connected on priority
  • Telecom / Cable – Select options to contact Billing or Cancellation
  • Banks – Select options to talk about new products or about opening a new account or credit card

– Try non-toll free numbers if the toll free numbers are busy or the waiting time is too much. Sometimes the non-toll numbers are on a different queue and the call will go through quickly

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