ACE Customer Care Contacts

ACE Exchange is the Full compliance and trustworthy Fiat-Currency Exchange in Taiwan.

How to Contact ACE Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: (02)2570-0271
Email: [email protected]

ACE registered office address

Lane 193, Dehui Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

About ACE Exchange

Founded: 10/11/2018

Founder: Nischal Shetty

ACE Exchange is committed to building the most professional legal currency digital currency exchange in the Chinese world, and will actively cultivate high-quality blockchain projects, opening a door for the public to access virtual currency and blockchain. The ACE team comes from industry elites in finance, information, marketing, and blockchain. It will provide the safest transaction channels and the highest-level user experience, and hopes to promote virtual currency to every corner of Taiwan.

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User growth system

  • It is the first in Taiwan to integrate the user growth system commonly used in the game industry into the exchange, and you can enjoy good health through active interaction

Safety first

  • Adopt international DDos defense mechanism and AI application firewall to maximize the protection of user assets

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Legal compliance

  • Develop products and operating procedures with the highest standards of financial institutions, and abide by KYC and AML standards

Tailor-made digital products

  • Configure risk level framework and customized investment portfolio, provide tailor-made financial products and purchase/withdrawal limits

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Top 7 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in ACE Exchange

Binance Coin
Litecoin Coin

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1. Is there a limit for deposit?

  • Please be aware that you can only use your personal NTD bank account which you have bound with ACE Exchange for safety level B. The deposit will fail if you use bank accounts that did not bind with ACE Exchange for safety level B

2. Do my assets in ACE Exchange have a Trust?

  • Since 2020/07/15, ACE Exchange has cooperated with KGI Bank on bank trust custody and KYC screening process to further enhance the protection of users’ assets.

3. Can I send ETC to ETH wallet?

  • These wallets are incompatible and will result in a loss of funds.
  • Please note that ACE will not take any responsibility for this kind of losses.

4. How to withdraw digital assets?

  • To withdraw digital currency, please refer to the following procedure:
    1. Click “My balance” on the top right of the account page
    2. Click “withdraw” on the digital currency you would like to withdraw, enter the withdraw address and amount.
    3. Please confirm the information are correct, enter the Google verification code and account password.
    4. Click “confirm”.
    5. Users can check the status of the transaction on the ACE platform’s “Assets Record” section

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