Bidesk Customer care Contacts

Bidesk exchange is a digital asset trading platform.

How to Contact Bidesk Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Bidesk registered office address

British Virgin Islands, United States.

About Bidesk Exchange

Founded: 2020

Business: Cryptocurrency

Bidesk exchange is a digital asset trading platform that has been built to provide a secure and safe environment for trading high quality tokens and coins whilst providing the best user experience to its users. With the advanced matching engine, all types of users; from beginners who’re buying their first cryptocurrency to professional traders and hedge funds, are ensured of having the best trading experience. Bidesk also provide 24/7 customer support service which is always on hand to help, users are made certain of prompt response for any issue.

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Bidesk Token

The Bidesk native token “BDK” is promoted by Their platform. The total supply is 100 million which will never be increased. BDK token is a decentralized blockchain digital asset issued by Ethereum, based on the ERC20 standard token of Ethereum blockchain.

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Bidesk Benefits

  • Holders of the BDK token will enjoy multiple benefits and privileges.
  •  BDK will serve as an important medium of exchange for the entire Bidesk ecosystem.
  • The usage scenarios of BDK will continue to evolve with the development of Bidesk’s business and functions. BDK’s specific usage scenarios are, but not limited to, the following: Allocation in IEO’s, discount in trading fee, airdrop reward.
  • Token supply and price appreciation/depreciation have a direct relationship.
  • Therefore, They will reduce token supply to achieve scarcity and higher token value.
  • This reduction will be achieved by buying back tokens from the secondary market, and then burned.
  • To maintain a transparent relationship with our customers, all buy-back records will be made public.


Buy Crypto with Credit Card through Bidesk Fiat Gateway.

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Top 46 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Bidesk Exchange

Bitcoin Zcash Effect.AI Bidesk
Ethereum Bitcoin SV Decentr DIA
Polkadot Neo Ferrum Network COTI
Cardano Ontology Bread Unification
Ethereum Classic Cosmos Degen Protocol Unibright
Litecoin Dash Raven Protocol Phantasma
XRP 1inch Membrana Ankr
Bitcoin Cash TRON LCX UniPower
EOS Tezos Lition Project Inverse
Dogecoin BSCstarter Freight Trust & Clearing Network APYSwap
Chainlink Tatcoin Wabi
Monero HEX Tellor

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1. How to Trade on Bidesk?

  • Go to Bidesk (
  • If you are a new user then click on [Sign Up] else click on [Login] and enter your login credentials.
  • Bidesk supports BTC, ETH, and USDT markets, you can choose any market to open a trade.
  • The trading page looks something like this
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2. Is Securing Your Trading Account?

They have provided the following tips as to how one can secure your Bidesk account:

  • Use a unique email address and password for your account when creating your Bidesk account
  • Use secure password managers like KeePass or LastPass to keep track of passwords.
  • Use 2FA on your Bidesk account. 2FA provides an additional layer of protection to your account in a situation where your email address and passwords are compromised.
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3. How to Deposit Bidesk?

  • To start with, please visit the Bidesk portal at: and login to your Bidesk account and credentials.
  • After you logged in to your account, proceed to click on [Balances] – [Exchange Account] on the top right-hand corner of your page.
  • Please select the token or coin using the search that you want to deposit or select it from the list.
  • In the example shown here for Ethereum, select the deposit option.
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