Bitcoin Trade Customer Care Contacts

BitcoinTrade is the safest digital currency platform in Latin America.

How to Contact Bitcoin Trade Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Bitcoin Trade registered office address

Avenida das Américas, 2480, Sala 313, Edifício Victory 22640101 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

About Bitcoin Trade Exchange

Founded: 2017

Founder: N/A

Bitcoin Trade’s mission is to create the most exceptional digital currency platform! They are the first cryptocurrency broker in Brazil to have PCI DSS Compliance certification, an international data security certificate for the payment card industry, awarded to companies that comply with its rules for handling sensitive credit card data, such as number, validity, name of the holder and CVV of the same. We have the same dream of creating the most disruptive, secure, and innovative digital currency platform. BitcoinTrade is the safest platform in Brazil to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum

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  • Offline storage without risk of loss of cryptocurrencies
  • More security with the certificate of authenticity
  • An extra layer of security with 2 factor authentication
  • More than 1 billion trades carried out
  • More than 180 thousand registered customers
  • All customer tickets resolved

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1. Is BitcoinTrade secure?

  • They are exchange certified with the most advanced digital security standard in the world. Plus, They have 2FA, two-factor authentication that further protects your account.

2. How do I enable my 2FA?

  • To enable your 2FA security code (2-factor authentication), you need to follow these steps:
  • Download the App (Authy or Google Authenticator) through your App Store (Apple Store or Google Play);
  • Keep the 2FA backup manual key * in a safe place ;
  • Open the app on your smartphone and select the Scan Barcode option to scan the QR Code;
  • Scan the QR Code to generate your 6-digit authentication code.

3. Do I need a digital wallet to trade BitcoinTrade?

  • No. When you register and have your account approved, our system will automatically generate a digital wallet for each cryptocurrency we operate.
  • If you want, at some point, to send your balance to an external portfolio (outside the broker, be it a Hot Wallet or Cold Wallet), you will have complete freedom to do so.

4. What is a digital wallet?

  • A digital wallet is a device (online or offline) capable of storing your balance of Bitcoins, Ethereums, and other digital currencies in the same way as a traditional wallet stores reais or dollars, for example. There are 2 types of digital wallets:
  • Hot Wallet – They run on the network, that is, they are computer programs, phone apps, or online systems
  • Cold Wallet – Physical wallets, devices similar to a pen-drive and not connected to the internet

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