BitMEX Customer care Contacts

BitMEX is a P2P crypto-products trading platform.

How to Contact BitMEX Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

BitMEX Exchange registered office address

Mahé, Beau Vallon, Seychelles.

About BitMEX Exchange

Founded: 2014

Products: Cryptocurrency exchange

BitMEX is the world’s most advanced peer-to-peer crypto-products trading platform, supported by their best-in-class API, and giving knowledge, confidence, and precision to hundreds of thousands of traders, transacting the equivalent of billions of USD every day.

BitMEX and the mobile apps issued under BMEX are wholly owned and operated by HDR Global Trading Limited, a Republic of Seychelles incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.

Trading in cryptocurrency derivatives involves significant risks. Please consider whether using BitMEX is appropriate for you.

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Available Languages

BitMEX provides support for the English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Japanese languages.

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BitMEX Technology

Unique Products

BitMEX offers up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin and high leverage on Altcoin contracts.

Advanced API

Their trading engine was built using the same technology used by investment banks and hedge funds.

Leading Security

BitMEX employs the latest in multi-factor security, inside and out. Safety is our primary concern.


BitMEX is committed to the security of its platform and its users. They believe in rigorous, conservative, security measures, and will not compromise security for convenience.

  • Reporting Security Issues
  • Wallet Security
  • System Security
  • Trading Engine Security
  • Communication Security

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BitMEX Statistics

Highly Liquid Markets

BitMEX’s markets are some of the most liquid in the world, setting the standard for efficient execution.

100% Verified

BitMEX is one of the first and only platforms to have a fully KYC’d Customer Base.

0 Bitcoin Lost through Intrusion or Hacking

BitMEX keeps all funds in cold storage.

Top 16 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in BitMEX Exchange

Bitcoin EOS
Ethereum Ethereum
Bitcoin Polkadot
XRP Chainlink
Bitcoin Cash Cardano
Dogecoin Bitcoin Cash
Litecoin Uniswap
Ethereum XRP

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1. How do I deposit funds?

  • Under the Account tab, click on the Deposit link where you will be provided a multi-signature address to deposit Bitcoin. After 1 confirmation, funds will be credited to your account.

2. Is there a fee to deposit Bitcoin?

  • No, BitMEX does not charge fees on deposits.

3. Is there a fee to withdraw Bitcoin?

  • No, BitMEX does not charge fees on withdrawals. When withdrawing Bitcoin, the minimum Bitcoin Network fee is set dynamically based on blockchain load and can be viewed on the Withdrawal Page.

4. Are there fees to trade?

  • Yes, BitMEX charges a trading fee on every completed trade. Please view the Fees page for more information.

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