Bitvast Customer Care Contacts

Bitvast is a centralized digital asset exchange that operates globally.

How to Contact Bitvast Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: +852 5377 2779
Email: [email protected]

Bitvast registered office address

Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa

About Bitvast Exchange

Founded: 2017

Co-Founder: Gary Lai

Bitvast is currently one of the most advanced bitcoin exchanges globally, without a doubt. Their team has spent more than 2 years developing and finalizing a product to serve both advanced traders and investors who would like a simple, secure and affordable way to purchase and sell cryptocurrency. With their new platform, we aim to change and solve the current issues with current Bitcoin exchanges and hopefully drive a competitive, healthy environment for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to benefit and grow from.

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Quick Buy/Sell interface

  • Other than their advanced trading interface, they also offer an easy to use interface to purchase or sell your chosen cryptocurrency with just a few simple clicks, without paying any additional fees.

Easily manage your wallets

  • A simple wallet interface for users to deposit, withdraw and keep track of their portfolio all under one interface.

Multi-Layered Security

  • They store sensitive information and 100% of all user assets in cold / offline storage – Meaning every withdrawal made from their platform is performed manually ensuring absolute safety.

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Top 6 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Bitvast Exchange

Bitcoin Cash

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1. How to trade with Bitvast?

  • Before you can conduct digital asset transactions, you must submit authentication information at Bitvast and be verified by KYC.
  • Bitvast staff will contact you via email to understand your needs, and then select the type of digital asset and payment method you want to execute.
  • Bitvast will give you a brief introduction and quote, then communicate with you and lock the transaction on the instant messaging software.
  • After confirming that the authentication information and transaction are correct, we will close the deal with you.

2. When and where do you trade?

  • Their professional trading team is located in Hong Kong and the United States. The trading time will be 9 am-10 pm (GMT + 8).

3. What are the cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies traded?

  • Bitvast mainly buys and sells mainstream digital assets and supports transactions using a variety of major fiat ranging from HKD, RMB, USD, Euro, GBP, JPY, and so on, up to 20 kinds of currencies.
  • They have established a mature connection with Hong Kong and the US banking system.

4. How about the transaction cost?

  • Apart from the price we quoted including the bid-ask spread, we do not charge any other transaction fees.
  • Their quotation criteria are mainly based on order size and internal intermediate market value. Secondary criteria include market fluctuations, the number of exchange orders, and past settlement history.

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