Braziliex Customer care Contacts

Braziliex is a Brazilian exchange created with the main goal to exchange cryptocurrencies for the official currency of Brazil, Real (BRL).

How to Contact Braziliex Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: N/A

Braziliex registered office address

Braziliex Virtual Currencies Ltda ME CNPJ 27.433.963/0001-35 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

About Braziliex Exchange

Founded: 2017

Founder: Ricardo Rozgrin

Braziliex is a Brazilian exchange created with the main goal to exchange cryptocurrencies for the official currency of Brazil, Real (BRL). It features the BTC/BRL, LTC/BRL, ETH/BRL, and BCH/BRL trading pairs, just to name a few. As security measures, the exchange will feature 2FA.

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How to earn BRZX Tokens

There are 4 ways to acquire BRZX Tokens

  • Using the platform
  • Referring your friends
  • Trading Tokens
  • Discount Coupons

1. Using the platform

  • Whenever you perform the following tasks within the platform you will earn BRZX

2. Referring your friends

3. Trading Tokens

  • Customers can buy and sell their BRZX Tokens freely on the platform, as well as exchange them for bitcoins.
  • The value of BRZX is freely defined by the market in the same way as other currencies.

4. Discount Coupons

  • Braziliex may distribute BRZX discount coupons
  • In each coupon, there is a code consisting of fifteen characters. The first six characters represent the coupon series. Each user can redeem a maximum of 1 coupon per series
  • If the system identifies successive and random attempts of invalid coupons, the user will be prevented from making redemptions
  • The expiration date of the coupon must be observed.

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Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies at Braziliex with ZERO Rate

  • Accumulate 100,000 BRZX Tokens and trade with ZERO RATE at Braziliex.
  • The BRZX Token is a cryptocurrency that aims to encourage the use and indication of our platform.
  • Discounts are progressive and proportional to the amount of BRZX you have, the more BRZX you accumulate.

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1. What is the Security Phrase in my Braziliex account?

To create a safety phrase in your Braziliex account:

  • Click on the top-right menu and choose the option “Control Panel”;
  • From the options available on the left of the screen, choose the “Safe Phrase”
  • Enter a passphrase that only you will be able to identify. Remember: this sentence will be given at the bottom of ALL emails sent by Braziliex.
  • Once you’ve finished typing your phrase, click on “Change your security phrase”
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2. How to sell BRZX Token by Bitcoin?

  • Initially, access the website:
  • After logging in with e-mail and password, click on the ” BTC ” tab and choose the ” BRZX “
  • Scroll down to “BRZX PURCHASE ORDERS”. It is in this “book of offers” that buyers interested in the BRZX cryptocurrency will be placed with their purchase orders. Therefore, it is to these buyers that you will make the sale
  • Navigate to the sales form, titled “VENDER BRZX”
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  3. How to recover my password?

  • Initially, access the website:
  • Click on “Log in” in the upper right corner of the site
  • In the option “ACCESS TO ACCOUNT”, click on “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?”
  • On the next screen, enter the registered email
  • Confirm the reCAPTCHA and click “RESET”
  • Click here to know.

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