BTSE Customer Care Contacts is a Multi-currency spot & futures trading platform custom-built to bring efficiency, liquidity & stability to the crypto trading space.

How to Contact BTSE Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

BTSE registered office address

Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

About BTSE Exchange

Founded: 2018

Founder: Jonathan Leong[CEO] & Brian Wong

BTSE is a financial technology company that utilizes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies to develop solutions that empower you to take control of your financial freedom. As part of a suite of financial services designed to introduce innovative digital assets to the traditional finance landscape, BTSE’s developments include spot and derivatives trading, OTC, lending services, and the BTSE Elite membership which features the BTSE Debit Card.

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Trade With Your Local Currency

Through multiple fiats on- and off-ramps, BTSE provides you with an all-around solution for you to deposit, trade, convert, and withdraw your funds directly.

All-In-One Order Book

BTSE combines the buy and sells orders for all trading pairs of each main market in one order book. That means better pricing and deeper liquidity.

Futures 2.0

BTSE has developed Futures 2.0, the only futures contract with multi-asset margin and settlement, allowing you to freely combine your margin and settlement currencies.


Use BTSE’s instant buy and sell a tool that allows you to easily request quotes to swap crypto and fiat from as low as $1 to as high as $1 million.

Supported Crypto

BTC Bitcoin, USDT Tether USD, ETH Ethereum, LTC Litecoin, XMR Menero, XAUT Tether Gold, XRP Ripple, LEO Bitfinex Leo Token, TRX Tron, DAU xDai Stake, PHNX PhoenixDAO, FRM Ferrum Network, Hxro, JST JUST, BRZ Brazilian Digital Token, SFI Spice

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Top 24 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in BTSE Exchange

Bitcoin Uniswap Wootrade
Ethereum Cosmos Franklin
XRP Chainlink Hxro
Monero UNUS SED LEO PhoenixDAO
Litecoin TRON Tezos
Tether xDai JUST
BTSE Tether Gold
Polkadot Building Cities Beyond Blockchain Brazilian Digital Token

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1. Can I Enter BTSE’s Website via VPN / Tor / Proxy?

  • Yes, but BTSE reserves the right to block access from connections that intend to conceal or obfuscate their origins.

2. What is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)?

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security for your BTSE account designed to ensure that you are the only person who can access your account by requiring an authentication code generated by your mobile device. After you enable your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will be prompted to enter a time-sensitive code when logging in or making withdrawals.

3. How to Trade on BTSE Spot Market?

  • Press SPOT tab
  • Select a market
  • Select an Order Type
  • Enter the order price and size
  • Select  Buy/Sell to submit your order

4. What is the Maximum Trade Limit?

  • There is no maximum trading limit on BTSE.

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