BusPlus Smart Card Customer care Contacts in Serbia

BusPlus Smart Card in Serbia Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website, Check Balance, Recharge & Refund Details and Social Media

The BusPlus Card is a contactless smart card used for public transportation in Belgrade, Serbia.

How to Contact BusPlus smart card Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone:+381117155155
Email: [email protected]
Website: busplus.rs

BusPlus smart card Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: Serbia.

BusPlus smart card

Location: Belgrade

Currency: Serbian dinar

Usage: GSP Belgrade, Lasta Beograd, BG Voz, Trams in Belgrade

BusPlus is the payment method for the GSP Belgrade, Belgrade tram system, Lasta Beograd and BG TRAIN. It is a thin, plastic card on which the customer electronically loads fares. BusPlus is managed by company Apex Technology Solutions.

BusPlus Card Features

  • Contactless Payment: The BusPlus Card utilizes contactless technology, allowing passengers to simply tap the card on the card reader when boarding a bus, tram, or trolley bus. This speeds up the boarding process and eliminates the need for physical tickets or cash.
  • Multi-Modal Travel: The card can be used across various modes of public transportation, including buses, trams, and trolleybuses. This means that passengers can use the same card for different types of rides without the need for separate tickets.
  • Fare Calculation: The card automatically deducts the appropriate fare for each trip based on the distance traveled. Passengers do not need to calculate or purchase tickets for specific zones or distances. The fare is deducted from the balance loaded onto the card.
  • Rechargeable: The BusPlus Card is a rechargeable smart card. Passengers can easily add credit to the card by visiting authorized locations, such as kiosks, newsstands, and ticket offices. This eliminates the need to carry exact change or purchase tickets for each journey.
  • Discounts and Special Fares: The BusPlus Card offers discounted fares for specific groups, such as students, pensioners, and individuals with disabilities. Passengers belonging to these categories can register their card and provide the necessary documentation to avail of these discounted rates.
  • Balance Inquiry: Users can check the balance on their BusPlus Card at any time by using card readers available at various locations or by visiting the official BusPlus website or mobile app. This allows passengers to monitor their credit and recharge the card when needed.
  • Lost Card Protection: In case of loss or theft, passengers can report their lost BusPlus Card to the authorized service provider. The remaining balance can be transferred to a new card, providing a level of protection for users’ funds.

How to buy a BusPlus Card in Serbia?

  1. Visit  busplus.rs
  2. Choose the type of BusPlus Card
  3. Select the appropriate fare type
  4. Insert cash or card
  5. Collect your BusPlus Card
  6. Top up your BusPlus Card (if necessary)
  7. Start using your BusPlus Card

How to get a Refund from the BusPlus Card?

  • The refund request should be raised directly to the issuing bank in case of a lost, damaged, faulty or expired card.

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