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Catex Exchange is one of the world’s fastest deposit & withdrawal cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to Contact Cat Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Cat.Ex registered office address

Nanshan Tech Park, Building 9, Floor 7, Shenzen, Guangdong 518057, CN

About Cat Exchange

Founded: August 2018

CEO: Yuanhang Zhou

Catex is the first truly community-managed exchange platform in the blockchain space. All major decisions are made by the community and voted. The Catex management team will only be responsible for platform operations, marketing, and major perceptions. Landing and technical support, including the implementation of new features, APP development, Coin listing, Customer service, etc. Catex gives a 5% mining bonus to all of its investors to make mining more attractive. In other words, paid fees return to investors as Catt 5% more.

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High availability, High performance

SNA and microservice-based distributed architecture support horizontal scaling without a single point of failure. Asynchronous, Cache, reversed index, NoSQL technologies ensure high performance.

Security and Stable

Security control from a number of dimensions, such as cold wallet, firewalls, operating systems, application servers, database servers, etc., and professional penetration tests to ensure the security of the whole system.

High quality and efficient service

The professional service team ensures the high quality and efficiency of the service which includes telegram service in real-time and ticket service within 24 hours.

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Top 50 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Cat Exchange

Bitcoin Vangold Token
BitTorrent BitherCash
Ethereum FREE Coin
EOS Lunes
XRP Crypto Village Accelerator
Dash JD Coin
Ethereum Classic Digex
Litecoin Idea Chain Coin
Bitcoin Cash NFX Coin
TRON BaTorrent
OMG Network PirateCash
Stellar TerraCredit
Neo 7Eleven
IOST Polygon
Basic Attention Token Dogecoin
Zilliqa GoldFund
Zcash SeChain
Chainlink Codeo Token
0x Banklife
Sport and Leisure Kepler Network
KIWIGO Swaprol
Jade Currency UCA Coin
Catex Token MMOCoin

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1. What is a staking or staking plan?

  • In one word, a staking plan is usually created by the coin/tokens owner, Who will pay the interests of the investors. and the investors can take part in the staking to get interests daily.

2. Can I see how much interest I get daily?

  • ¬†Yes, You can log in to your account, and then click the “Staking” menu, it shows details of how much interest you have to get.

3.Why the google auth is an error every time?

  • If your google auth is an error every time, you need to check your cellphone clock time.
  • Check if it’s the same as the standard time in the following website:
  • Please make sure your cellphone clock is the same as it, and then try to input google auth again

4. How much can I mine per hour? How can I increase the volume of mining?

  • The CATT amount can be mine per user per hour will be determined by the amount of CATT holding. The formula is: (CATT Holding) * (Mining ratio), where the Mining ratio is dynamically adjusted by the platform every day, for example, today’s ratio is 0.1, and the user holding 10000CATT, then The amount of he can mine per hour is 10000 * 0.1 = 1000 CATT
  • The details of the mining ratio could be found here

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