Coinone Customer Care Contacts is one of the leading digital cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea.

How to Contact Coinone Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 888-254-9656
Email: [email protected]

Coinone registered office address

Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea

About Coinone Exchange


Founded: Feb 20,2014

Founder: Myunghun Cha is a crypto exchange platform. Basically, a crypto exchange is an app/ website where you can trade various cryptocurrencies and coins using your national currency. Users can deposit money into exchanges and buy cryptocurrencies with that money.

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Professional research of blockchain technology

Coinone is a trend leader in the market with its selective listing of projects and operates a professional blockchain research team. We provide virtual asset reports and monitoring reports for investors.

Easy and convenient transaction

Coinone provides a trading platform with superior UI/UX that includes a trademark market monitoring chart that has been popular among market watchers. The platform is also equipped with a stock MTS-level security solution which allows for safe and quick trading. Also, with our mobile application, trading is possible anytime and anywhere.

Multi-security technology

Coinone puts security as the top priority. We are the first Korean virtual asset exchange to obtain a cyber-liability insurance contract, employee professional consultants to regularly monitor various structural security levels, and deploy a 24-hour security control service to perform real-time risk monitoring.

Mobile optimization

Coinone’s mobile app makes it convenient for users to trade at any time with its transaction and price notification services. We maintain top-class security even in the mobile environment by deploying various authentication methods such as USIM, biometric, and non-face-to-face verification.

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Coinone’s Partner:


Sentbe is a global remitter that uses blockchain technology to transfer money globally. Sentbe and Coinone’s Cross aim is to become the forerunners of the global remittance market with our strategic partnership that includes both technical cooperation and knowledge sharing.


iFunFactory is a professional server engine company providing the best engine solution in Korea. They co-developed Coinone Core with Coinone and develop a trading engine solution business together.

Top 100 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Coinone Exchange

XRP Mecon Cash Serum TOM Finance
Bitcoin Bitcoin SV Swipe FTX Token
Banantok Neo ARPA Chain sKLAY
Ethereum Stellar Terra KRW Linear
Klaytn Idavoll Network TriumphX SIX
Derivex Axial Entertainment Digital Asset MiL.k Bitcoin Cash ABC
ASTA Chainlink Zilliqa KVI
Innovation Blockchain Payment CELEBPLUS Polygon BORA
Assemble Protocol Treecle Natural Farm Union Protocol TEMCO
Brother Music Platform Misbloc Ducato Protocol Token Project WITH
Orbit Chain Polkadot Quiztok Aave
Bitcoin Cash MileVerse DoDreamChain Airbloc
REDi BaaSid MOTIV Protocol King DAG
EOS Hiblocks ISTARDUST Cloudbric
MAP Protocol Insureum Lux Bio Cell Candy Protocol
Ethereum Classic PicaArtMoney FLETA Ankr
TRON Bitcoin Gold Camp Orbs
Klayswap Protocol Cosmos DRC mobility BioPassport Token
Bit Torrent Puriever CryptoBank PIXEL
Qtum IOTA PayProtocol Bit Financial
Terra Handy Uniswap Bella Protocol
Mineral Stream Protocol AnimalGo AMO Coin
Litecoin Metis Hintchain 1inch
Cardano Latamcash Cartesi 8X8 PROTOCOL

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How to deposit and withdraw KRW?

  • Go to the Assets>’ Deposit/Withdrawal’ page and select’KRW (KRW)’ from the coin list. Then select deposit

How do I trade virtual assets?

  • To trade on Coinone you can start trading by depositing KRW (KRW) or depositing virtual assets directly into Coinwon.  

What features does the Pass app offer?

  • Changes in personal information that could only be resolved through the customer center can now be done simply by installing the Coinone PASS app.

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