Compass Card in San Diego, CA, USA Customer care Phone number, How to buy, register, top up, Check the balance online?

Compass Card USA Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website, Check Balance, Recharge & Refund Details and Social Media

Compass Card San Diego Customer care Contacts

Compass Card is a reloadable fare card that works everywhere in transit in Metro Vancouver.

How to Contact Compass Card Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 1-888-207-4055
Email: N/A

Compass Card Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: San Diego, CA, USA.

About Compass Card

Location: Lower Mainland

Currency: Canadian dollar

Usage: Bus, Canada Line – SkyTrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express

The Compass card is a contactless smart card automated fare collection system used primarily for public transit in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Compass card readers were first implemented as a beta in September 2013. Due to delays, full implementation to the general public began in August 2015.

How to use the Compass Card in USA?

To use, simply

  • Top-up your card
  • Touch on at the start of your journey
  • Touch off at the end.

Card reader sounds and lights

The card reader sound and lights will be different depending on your type of card.

The reader will give:

  1. A green light and one beep for adult cards
  2. Amber light and two beeps for children, seniors, and concession cards.
  3. Getting a red light or a cross? Try again, or try touching another card reader.

How to Buy Compass card?

You can buy and top-up your Compass card:

  • Online
  • Call 511 and say “Compass Card”
  • Ticket Vending Machines at Trolley and train stops
  • The Transit Store at 12th & Imperial Transit Center

Select your Compass card

  • Adult Compass Card
  • Youth Compass Card
  • Senior-Medicare Compass Card (75% Discount)
  • Disabled-Medicare Compass Card (75% Discount)

Register your Compass card

When you register your Compass card online, you can:

  • Top-up your card online and over the phone
  • Set up auto top-up to always have travel credit on your card
  • Protect the money loaded onto your card if it’s lost or stolen
  • Check your balance and transaction history
  • Request a refund or a balance transfer
  • Receive SMS or email notifications (you can choose the type of notifications you receive)
  • Check your expiry date.

How to Top-up go card?

  • Online
  • Call 511 and say “Compass Card”
  • Trolley, Coaster, and Sprinter ticket vending machines
  • Select San Diego county Albertsons and check cashing locations
  • Transit Center “MTS Station Shops

Auto top-up

The easiest way to ensure you always have enough money to travel is to activate auto top-up, by linking your registered Compass card to your credit/debit card. When your Compass card balance falls below $5, it will automatically top-up with the amount of your choice. You’ll never have to worry about waiting in line to top-up your Compass card or running out of money on your card again.

How to check the Compass card balance through ticket vending machines?

You can check through the fare machine also.

  • Visit the nearest machine
  • Touch “Check balance” on the screen
  • Keep your card at the machine
  • You can view the balance


1. What is the function of a Compass Card?

  • A card with the points painted on it was mounted directly under the needle, permitting navigators to read their direction from the top of the card.

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