Coredax Customer care Contacts

COREDAX is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in South Korea.

How to Contact Coredax Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Coredax Exchange registered office address

1307, Hanwha Biz Metro, 242 Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul Representative Yosong Lim, South Korea.

About Coredax Exchange

Founded: 2019

Company: Crypto Exchange

COREDAX, The premium digital asset exchange, based on technology that supplied financial IT solutions such as Samsung Securities, Korea Investment & Securities, and Daeshin Securities aims to provide fast, convenient, and reliable services and lower the barriers of the digital asset market.

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Core Dax Premium Service

Weekly Report

A report that provides coin issues and trends for the week

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Coin Insight

Coin-specific issue tracking and project information, useful for investment

Core Dax Coupon

Low fee discount service provided for Coredax members

AI-based trading recommendation

A service that recommends optimal trading by analyzing market price charts with an artificial intelligence system

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Top 12 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Coredax Exchange

Bitcoin EOS
Ethereum Chiliz
Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Classic
Litecoin Bitcoin Vault
Qtum IDall

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1. How to deposit coins – coin deposit?

  1. Select “Coin withdrawal” on the top menu
  2. Select a coin to deposit as below
  3. You may use a withdrawal service at COREDAX or other exchanges

2. How to withdraw coins – coin withdrawal?

  1. Select “Coin withdrawal” on top menu
  2. Input the information to withdraw as below

3. What is Maker vs. Taker?


  • As an order which is not immediately matched, the “Maker” order is to place a lower or higher price than the matchable price on the order book. A “Maker” order is not immediately matched because this order is not matched to the price on the order book and  this provides liquidity to order book


  • As an order which is immediately matched, the “Taker” order is to place an order at the market price or the price possible to be immediately matched on the order book. This is to place the price on the order book, therefore a “Taker” order can be immediately matched.

4. What are withdrawal limits?

  • Different withdrawal limits are applied according to customer security level. In the case of cryptocurrencies,  withdrawal limits of KRW are applied according to a closing price of the day before.
  • Please refer to a policy in action.

5. What is the trading fee?

  • Please refer to the current “Fee” in Exchange Operation Policies.

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