Cryptomarket Customer Care Contacts

CryptoMKT is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America.

How to Contact Cryptomarket Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Cryptomarket registered office address

Los Militares 6191, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, Chile

About Cryptomarket Exchange

Founded: Nov 30, 2016

Founder: Rafael Meruane and Martín Jofré

CryptoMarket is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Latin America. In a constant process of growth, today it has a presence in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and all the countries of the Eurozone. Our fundamental objective is to promote financial inclusion through Blockchain technology, creating innovative and efficient cost solutions for the market and its stakeholders. Currently, there are more than 345,000 users who use the CryptoMarket platform, and it has registered about the US $ 1 billion in transactions.

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  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in just minutes. You do not need previous experiences

Maximum security

  • Latest generation Anti-Hacker system

Safeguarding of funds

  • Funds protected in multi-signature physical vaults

Stop Limit

  • Advanced trading system with Stop Limit

Trading View

  • Trade with the best charting tools

Instant Deposit

  • Cryptocurrency deposits credited instantly

The fastest

  • The fastest and most robust platform in the region

Buy and sell with pesos

  • Deposit and buy directly with pesos

Antihacker Protection

  • Advanced protection system against computer attacks

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1. What is Forex?

  • It is a decentralized market in which currencies are traded. It is the largest financial market in the world, where the common practice is to trade to obtain benefits through buying and selling, although you can also seek to maintain the supply of a currency or promote trade.

2. What is KYC?

  • KYC Know Your Customer   (know your customer), is the process in which the company has complete knowledge of the customers it has. It serves to prevent money laundering or other illegal activities from taking place. In this way, the company requests detailed information from customers.

3. What is Cryptocompra?

  • CryptoCompra is a payment channel created by CryptoMarket that seeks to promote real uses of cryptocurrencies, thus allowing thousands of businesses in Latin America to accept their customers to purchase products or services

4. What Cryptocurrencies are accepted in CryptoCompra?

  • So far, it is possible to pay with Bitcoin, Ether, Stellar Lumens, and EOS, but as new cryptocurrencies are added to the platform they will also join this payment channel.

5. How long does payment take through Cryptocompra?

  • Payment takes between 1 and 3 seconds if you pay with a BTC, ETH or XLM wallet belonging to CryptoMarket.

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