Doha Insurance Group (DIG) QSC Customer Care Contact in Qatar

Doha Insurance Group Q.S.C is a Qatari shareholding company registered and incorporated in the state of Qatar.

How to Contact Doha Insurance Group QSC Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 0097444292777
Email: [email protected]

Doha Insurance Group QSC registered office address

207, C-Ring Road, Doha, Qatar.

Working Hours: Sunday – Thursday ( 7:30 – 15:30 )

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About Doha Insurance Group QSC

Founded: 1999

Industries: Insurance

Doha Insurance Group Q.S.C is a Qatari shareholding company registered and incorporated in the state of Qatar under Emiri Decree No. 30 issued on 2nd October 1999, listed on Qatar Exchange, and is engaged in the business of insurance and re-insurance.

Doha Insurance Group QSC Products

Personal Insurance

Car Insurance

Whether you are a mom taking care of all the household work, a retired employee who is looking to live a hassle-free life, or a busy professional with non-stop meetings and have hardly any spare time to deal with numerous issues that comes with an accident, then Doha Insurance is definitely the right partner to turn to.

There are in total two carefully devised insurance policies being offered at Doha Insurance:

  • Motor Compulsory Insurance (Third Party Liability).
  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance).

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Travel Insurance

Set in a great mood and all ready to take a trip to your dream destination? We know the mood is right, but you can never tell when the time may go wrong. It is often said that the worst things happen at the least expected time in the worst possible places. So for times like these, we want you to be prepared not to handle all these worries alone, especially when you are in your vacation mode, but to let us take care of all the inconveniences so you could enjoy your long-awaited vacations uninterrupted with your love, family or friends!

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Yacht Insurance

Do not allow any of your plans to get washed away due to any unforeseen event anymore. Once you partner with us, you sail your way smoothly into the wide ocean enjoying a relaxing time cruising along the coast with your friends & family!

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Kunooz Insurance covers the below collections

  • Fine art collections
  • Jewelry collections
  • Classic car collections.

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Corporate Insurance

Motor Fleet

At Doha Insurance, we provide comprehensive motor insurance coverage to corporate, businesses, and any small, medium, or large enterprises to meet their motor vehicle insurance coverage needs.

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Aviation Insurance

The services we offer at Doha insurance for General Aviation are absolutely innovative, customized and cost-efficient to not just meet the requirements of our clientele but to also ensure affordability.

They provide exceptional insurance coverage to our clients in various sectors, including but not limited to corporate and commercial aviation operations, municipalities, individual aircraft owners and operators, commercial businesses, and the like.

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Engineering Insurance

The Engineering Insurance plan has been specially designed for our clients who have businesses comprising of operations that deal with heavy equipment and machinery. The purchase of this equipment and machineries involves huge investment, and any kind of loss or damage to them can be extremely costly. If this equipment is not insured, the damages done to them may cause businesses to go bankrupt.

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Fire Insurance

Doha Insurance is definitely one of the most prominent players in the industry that has come up with the most comprehensive policies to ensure the valuable properties and worthy investment of our clients is well-protected.

Our fire insurance programs cover a wide range of properties that includes:

  1. Residential.
  2. Industrial.
  3. Commercial.
  4. Small, Medium & Large enterprises.

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Health Insurance

The employees of any company are definitely its most precious asset. Regardless of how safe the working conditions may be, accidents can occur and they can’t be avoided. Besides, an injury or a disease always comes uninvited, and to deal with them often requires lots of money that your staff may find difficult to afford. In such cases, financial protection of your respective assets that includes a comprehensive worker benefit plan is essential in order to attract and retain better staff. It would also make sure your employees feel more secure and stress-free. With us, your employees would know that their employers care!

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Marine Insurance

At Doha insurance, we provide two types of marine insurance that include:

  • Marine Cargo Insurance.
  • Marine Hull & Machinery Insurance.

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Doha Insurance Group (DIG) QSC Overview

  • Doha Insurance Co is engaged in the insurance and reinsurance business.
  • The operating segment of the company is Marine and Aviation, Motor, and Fire and General Accidents.
  • It operates in the state of Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Germany, and Jordan.


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