Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DSOA) Customer Care Phone / Email

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is a government-owned Free Zone established in 2004. It has emerged into the main technology park in the region.

How to Contact Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: +97145015000
Email: N/A

DSOA Free Zone registered office address

Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

DSOA Working Hours: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

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DSOA Free Zone Overview

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis is a free zone and also a big business and residential community in Dubai.
  • It serves as a technology hub, being home to IT, online, industrial and research and development businesses.
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis hosts Dubai digital park a state-of-the-art working spaces and residences, ready to move in. Dubai Silicon Oasis has a lot to offer for its residents: over 80 restaurants, shops, a shopping mall, schools and a hospital.

About DSOA Free Zone

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (“DSOA”) is ideal for company formation for entities in modern tech-centric industries such as precision electronics and communications technology. DSOA offers a world-class telecommunications infrastructure, fibre-optic networks and affordable utility provisions, providing for an efficient Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost.


1. If l register a company in a free zone outside of Dubai, can l live and have a bank account in Dubai?

  • Yes, you can have a company registered outside Dubai, but reside in Dubai or any other Emirate. You do not have to live in the same Emirate where your visa belongs to. You can also have a bank account in a Dubai branch of any UAE bank of your choice.

2. Can I open a bank account remotely?

  • No, you have to visit UAE personally. It is a requirement of a UAE Central bank which all local banks have to follow. Personal visit is required to make sure that the client is known by the bank.

3. Do banks give debit and credit cards or loans?

  • Normally you can get a debit card for your newly opened company if there is only one shareholder. You can also have a credit card, but it will be given against a fixed deposit. As for the loan, it is possible to get it, but you need to show company operations and profits to the bank. Upon checking your company’s turnovers and profits, a bank may approve a loan. We recommend applying for it at least after one year of company’s operations.

4. Can a free zone company hold its offices outside the free zone?

  • Officially an office of a free zone company has to be located only within the free zone where this company was registered. If you need an office in Dubai, you have an option to rent a space in a Business center and use it either a few times per month or daily, depending on the package that you choose. However, the free zone minimum required space (flexi desk) cannot be cancelled.

5. Why do I need a flexi desk or office?

  • A flexi desk is an obligatory requirement for any company eligible for resident visas. UAE government obliges to have it because it’s the minimum physical office space, that a company who has any individual under its visa must have. Apart from that, flexi desk is helpful for bank account opening. The compliance department of the banks needs to see that a company has some kind of office or at least a small physical seat, where it can be working from.

6. Do we have to pay VAT if our company is registered in the Free Zone?

  • VAT obligations of the company depend not only on the place of its registration, but on the place where its business takes place. To start with, VAT comes into picture once your taxable turnover reaches 375 000 AED. Taxable turnover means the turnover which was done in the UAE. If your company is registered in a Free Zone, but the trading takes place abroad (for example you sell goods from India to Africa), that turnover is not considered taxable, because the transactions are taking place out of UAE. It means that you do not have to pay VAT. But if you have a free zone company and import goods to UAE, you have to add 5% VAT to your Invoices and pay VAT. If your company is registered in a designated free and sells the goods to another designated free zone or within the same zone, VAT does not appear.

7. Should I pay any other TAX?

  • UAE is free from income tax and corporate tax. It has only imported tax 5% for the goods that you bring into the country and VAT 5% for the trading or service transactions that happened in UAE.

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