Eurail Global Pass: How to get, Price, book tickets?, Countries can be visited!!!

Eurail Global Pass: What is it? How to get Eurail Global Pass, Price, How to book tickets, Benefits, How does the Rail Pass Works?, How many countries you can visit?

What is Eurail Global Pass?

The Eurail Pass formerly known as Europass or Eurorail Pass, is a rail pass which permits travel through 33 European countries on nearly all railroads and several shipping lines. It is owned by over 35 European railway and shipping companies. The Eurail Pass is available to non-European residents and the Interrail Pass is available to European residents. The Eurail Global Pass is packed with bonuses to make your trip even more enjoyable. Hotel discounts, reduced museum fares, free ferry trips and more are included in your pass. It also comes with a Eurail travel pack.

How many countries can you visit through Eurail Global Pass?

Austria Hungary Norway
Belgium Germany Poland
Bulgaria Greece Portugal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland Romania
Czech Republic Italy Serbia
Croatia Lithuania Slovakia
Denmark Luxembourg Slovenia
Estonia Latvia Spain
Great Britain Macedonia Sweden
France Montenegro Switzerland
Finland Netherlands Turkey

Eurail Train Route Map

Features of Eurail Global Pass

  • You can travel on the national rail networks of up to 33 countries (including Great Britain)
  • You can take multiple train journeys per travel day
  • Mobile ticket
  • You can choose a 1st or 2nd class rail pass
  • Free travel for Children under 12 (with Adult)
  • Discounted Youth (under 28) and Senior (60+) passes
  • You can choose where you want to go and when
  • Travel across borders quickly and easily

How to book Train and Bus Tickets / Rail Pass?

  1. Visit Eurail Global Pass
  2. Choose the country you want to visit
  3. Enter your country residence
  4. Enter how may passengers are travelling (Adult, Senior, Youth)
  5. Add Rail Card Number
  6. Then “Search”.

How does the Rail Pass Works?

Pick the right rail pass: You can book your travel in a specific country. Once you’ve selected your pass, the price will depend on the class of service selected, passenger type and the number of rail travel days.

Reserve your seats: You can travel on local and regional trains with your Eurail Global pass. You can find and reserve the Seat on many high speed, overnight, scenic and international trains.

Activate and travel:  You must activate the paper-free rail pass with the Eurail App before to the first train journey or first use of bonus. You can download the application before your departure to Europe.

What are the benefits using Eurail Global Pass in Rail Pass and Train Tickets?

Rail Passes Train Tickets
A rail pass is good to travel for more than 2 countries and you can take many train trips as you want within that geographical area. You can purchase for many days, within a set period of time (the pass validity period). A train ticket is valid for a single journey between two cities. It also include a reservation, valid only for a specific train, on a specific date and at a given time.
Best for discovering more than 3 cities Seat reservations included for most trains
Children usually travel free
Often includes travel bonuses

What is Flexi pass?

  • A flexi pass is valid for a specific number of travel days to be used within the overall validity period of that rail pass.
  • You can use 15 days of unlimited train travel within a 2-month period.
  • You can pick and choose any days (they don’t have to be consecutive) to travel within the rail pass’ validity period.

What is Continuous (or consecutive) rail pass?

  • Continuous (or consecutive) rail passes such as the Eurail Global Pass are valid for unlimited train travel during the whole duration of the pass’ validity period.
  • You can use 15-day Eurail Global Pass travel for 15 consecutive days by train.

How to apply and obtain Eurail Global Pass?



Travel Times for most Popular Routes

Train routes Travel time (by high-speed train) Reservation Reservation cost (1st / 2nd class)
Paris to Amsterdam 3hr 20 min Mandatory €30 / €30
Paris to Barcelona 6hr 15 min Mandatory €48 / €34
Madrid to Barcelona 2hr 45 min Mandatory €23,50 / €10
Paris to Geneva 3hr 05min Mandatory From €57 / €27
Paris to Rome 11hr 15min Mandatory TGV: €45 / €31
Frecce: €10 / €10
Rome to Venice 3hr 05min Mandatory €10 / €10
Amsterdam to Berlin 6hr 20min Optional €5,30 / €4
Berlin to Prague 4hr 40min Optional €5,30 / €4
Prague to Vienna 4hr 25min Optional €6 / €6
Vienna to Budapest 2hr 50min Optional €6 / €6

For more information about the Train Routes, you can visit here.

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