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Elixir is an exchange that allows you to buy and sell virtual currencies with the lowest commission and the best quality.

How to Contact EXIR Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 021-91300236
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.exir.io/

EXIR registered office address

Bucharest St. Corner of Alley 11, Tower 38, Tehran, Argentina Square 1513755511, IR

About EXIR Exchange

Founded: 2017

Founder: Mohammad Bahauddin

In October 1996, Bittrex Exchange announced in a statement that it would block its Iranian users’ accounts. After this incident, millions of dollars of Iranian assets were blocked. At that time, everyone regretted the lack of a native platform that could compete with world-renowned platforms. The initial idea of ​​the elixir was formed precisely on the basis of this vacuum. At Elixir, we have come a long way in gaining experience, knowledge, and human resource management in the field of blockchain and digital currency technologies so that today we can provide world-class service in terms of technology, security, and leading services Offer to our compatriots.

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1. Who owns the Ramzarz transfer fee?

  • In general, the operation of transferring a cryptocurrency on the blockchain network and establishing security, and ensuring the accuracy of transactions is the responsibility of miners.
  • The fee provided by these transactions is to motivate the miners in order to cover the miners’ expenses and to maintain security and speed

2. How to View deposit history and withdrawals?

  • To view the deposit and withdrawal history in Elixir, you can refer to the wallet in your user panel and click on the phrase “All exchanges”.
  • The page displayed includes three sections: “Exchanges”, “Deposits” and “Withdrawals”, and in each section, you can view its history and, If necessary, download them as a file

3. How to Manually deposit money to the Elixir account?

  • It is currently not possible to deposit manually (directly) to the elixir.
  • If needed, you can contact the Elixir support team.

4. Can we create two or more accounts?

  • Creating two or more accounts in Elixir is not allowed.
  • Every real person can have only one account in his name.
  • The platform automatically prevents new Elixir users from creating new accounts.

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