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Felixo is Europe’s fastest-growing, technology leader crypto exchange.

How to Contact Felixo Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.felixo.com/en/

Felixo registered office address

Felixo Teknoloji ve Yazılım A.Ş., Merdivenköy Mah. Dikyol Sk., Business Istanbul Business Center B Blok No: 2/36, 34732 Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey.

About Felixo Exchange

Founded: 2018

Founder: Sefer ALGAN and Oğuz YAĞMUR

Felixo Exchange consists of team members who are experienced in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. It works for the best of its users.

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Felixo Features

Safe Wallets

Your crypto assets are kept in the safest environments in offline wallets.

High Security

You are safe with access methods that keep your account security at the highest level. Security of your personal data and investments are kept at a high level with Google Authenticator, SMS Verification, and IP restriction.

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Professional Team

Felixo Exchange consists of team members who are experienced in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. It works for the best of its users.

Coin Market

We list ICO’s researched by their technical experts for you to make a secure purchase with more bonus.

Fast Support

You can reach their team at any time of the day through their support channels.

Felixo Academy

Financial literacy is a sensitive issue that we focus on. They collaborate with technical analysis experts to ensure that all their users benefit from training and get the best return. They support their members with paid and free, online and individual training.

Reference System

You can earn 20% passive income from transaction commissions by recommending Felixo Exchange to others.

Low Commission

They keep commission rates at the lowest level of 0.2% in your trading transactions.

Payment Options

You can make quick deposits and withdrawals by using their arranged by agreement bank accounts and other payment systems.

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Stop Limit

When the market goes against your position, you can use a Stop-Limit order, to protect your profits and keep your damage at a certain level.


You do not need to follow the screen in market fluctuations. You may benefit from audible notification by setting an alarm for any transaction you wish to happen of any crypto asset you follow.

Transaction Speed

Maximum speed for all operations. 300,000 TPS.

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Top 10 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Felixo Exchange

XRP Chiliz
Litecoin CloakCoin
Felixo Coin Ankr
Stakenet MONNOS

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1. How can I deposit and withdraw my deposit into my Felixo account?

  • If you want to deposit any crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) in your Felixo account, click the Deposit tab in the Funds section.

2. How can I deposit and withdraw Turkish Lira into my Felixo account?

  • Click on the deposit button in the Funds section to deposit your Turkish Lira. Select Turkish Lira here. On the right side of the page, enter the amount you want to deposit. Press Send request button and confirm deposit rules. This will generate your deposit request.

3. Can I deposit money into my account on weekends and public holidays?

  • On the weekends and public holidays, your money transfer will be charged to your account on the same day, and your EFT transactions will be charged to your account during working hours.

4. How can I track crypto money transfers?

  • Click the withdrawal button in the fund’s section when you want to follow the transfer of the crypto money. You can follow your transaction in the transaction history section at the bottom of the page.

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