GameBanana USA Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email

GameBanana USA Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email,Website, Social Media

GameBanana is a PC and game console modding and customization company.

How to Contact GameBanana Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Service: (347) 470-1020
Email: [email protected]

GameBanana Registered Office Address

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York, United States

About GameBanana

Founded: 2011

Founder: Tom Pittlik

GameBanana is a community of PC and console gamers who love to discuss, download, and share user-created game content. GameBanana platform is unique in its openness and flexibility by allowing deep customization to the look and feel of the site by community members.

How to Login GameBanana?

GameBanana Age Restrictions

Website Age Restrictions
United States 13 years
European Union 16 years
Rest of the World 13 years

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1.What is a submission?

In a nutshell, a submission is any type of content that you submit to the site. Whether it’s a skin, map, gui, texture, etc. It provides you with a way to display your work, allows others to download your content & provide constructive feedback to help you improve.

2.How can I earn points?

Points can be earned in a variety of ways. You can earn points by:

  • Posting (you need to have at least 1 exemplary feedback to earn points this way)
  • Submitting content
  • Having a post exemplified
  • Being gifted by a friend or staff member for community work.

3.Can I retrieve my account password if I no longer have access to my old email address?

In short, yes. However, you will have to provide proof of ownership for the account you are inquiring about. This means, you must know the original email registered to the account. Send a request to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Account: (userID, name or link to the account)
  2. Email: (the registered email address)
  3. Any other information that would help us identify the account

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