GDAC Customer Care Contacts

GDAC is a global digital asset trading platform.

How to Contact GDAC Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

GDAC registered office address

Ikseong Building6, Bongeunsa-ro 112-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

About GDAC WazirX Exchange

Founded: N/A

Founder: N/A

GDAC is the largest blockchain-based payment technology patent holder in the domestic blockchain industry, we are leading the 4th industrial revolution, providing customers with new and diverse investment opportunities and protecting their assets with various technologies such as custodial, asset management, and payment settlement.GDAC is always working one step ahead to provide new and diverse investment opportunities based on digital asset trading.

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Information security

  • Obtained information protection management system (ISMS) certification
  • Secure storage of customer information and assets

Account security

  • Simple and reliable safety certification,
  • Convenient and systematic security system construction

Wallet security

  • Industry-leading security, BitGo double wallet and
  • Proprietary key management system, asset safe storage

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Top 30 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in GDAC Exchange

Ethereum Heart Number
Bitcoin Anchor Protocol
Terra PayProtocol
W Green Pay Litecoin
Cosmos Insight Protocol
Tether Ethereum Classic
Gbrick TerraKRW
KLAYswap Protocol Stellar
XRP Sentinel Protocol
Bitcoin Cash POPCHAIN
BOScoin OMG Network
Hdac CyberMiles
Cosmo Coin Bitcoin SV
Camp Enjin Coin

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1.What Is The Balance And Ongoing Deposit And Withdrawal?

  • If you proceed with membership withdrawal, your balance will be destroyed.
  • Deposits completed after withdrawal are also extinguished, and withdrawals approved by the administrator cannot be canceled.
  • Please proceed carefully as the lapsed balance and deposit/withdrawal cannot be restored after withdrawal.

2. What Is TXID?

  •   TXID is short for Transaction ID and is an ID that identifies individual transactions.
  •   It is a hash value (replaced data into a character string) issued for a transfer transaction made by a user to an external wallet, and through this, the records of the blockchain network (transmission address, quantity, confirmation status, time, etc.) can be checked.

3. Are STR And XLM The Same Virtual Asset?

  • Most virtual asset exchanges use XLM as the name of Stellar’s coin.
  • However, in the case of Poloniex (Polonix) exchange, STR is used as the coin name of Stellar.
  • Although the coin name is different, it is the same coin, so you can deposit the STR coin to the XLM address.

4. Are There Any Upper And Lower Limits That Can Be Ordered?

  • GDAC currently does not have an upper or lower limit system.

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