Gig Insurance Company Customer Care Contacts in Egypt

Gig – Egypt is an Egyptian Insurance company.

How to Contact Gig Insurance Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: Hotline 19792, (002) 212 60 800 /01/02/03
Email: [email protected]

Gig Insurance registered office address

Western Tower, Plot number 204 Block H, Second Sector, Northern 90th St., Fifth Settlement – New Cairo, Egypt.

About Gig Insurance

Founded: 1994

Industries: Insurance

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Gig – Egypt is an Egyptian Insurance company established in 1994 under the Egyptian Insurance Law No. 10 of 1981, gig – Egypt is a member of the Egyptian Insurance Federation {IFE}  and started business on July 1st, 1994.

gig – Egypt as a quality insurance provider considers your claim a marketing tool and a special opportunity to expand their business with you once you taste the quality.

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Gig Insurance Products

  • New Political Violence Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • General Accidents
  • Marine insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Micro Insurance.

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Gig Insurance Overview

  • The gig is one of the best reinsurance programs in the local market.
  • They freely provide you with risk assessment for your administrative and manufacturing
  • They have established two separate departments for Risk Management and Business Development to guarantee the most effective insurance solutions for your business.


1. Why should I buy insurance?

  • It can take years and a great deal of hard work and money to acquire your family’s personal possessions. Where would the money come from to replace your property if it were destroyed? What would you do if a court ordered you to pay thousands of dollars because of damage to someone else’s property or injury caused by you? Insurance protects you against financial loss when these kinds of personal disasters happen. And they happen to people just like you every day.

2. How does insurance work?

  • For an agreed amount (the premium you pay) the insurance company takes on your risk of suffering financial loss. When losses do occur, they are paid out of the total pool of insurance premiums the insurance company has collected from its thousands of customers. In short, the premiums of the many pay the losses of the few.

3. How do I know what insurance to buy?

  • You should insure any valuable property that can be damaged, lost, or stolen. You also need to protect yourself against the costs of property damage or injury you may accidentally cause to someone else.

4. What do I do when I have a claim?

  • Contact your broker or company as soon as possible to advise that you have had a loss.

5. How can I save money on my insurance?

  • Increase your deductible. By doing this, you agree to pay a little more of the loss when you have a claim, but your maximum limit of coverage does not change. In exchange for accepting more of the risk on small claims, your premiums are reduced.

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