Go Card Australia Customer care Phone number, How to buy, register, top up, Check the balance online?

Go Card Australia Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website, Check Balance, Recharge & Refund Details and Social Media

Australia’s Go Card Customer care Phone Number

The go card is an electronic smartcard ticketing system developed by Cubic Corporation, which is currently used on the TransLink public transport network in South East Queensland

Go card is TransLink’s electronic ticket to fast, easy and convenient travel in and around Australia.

How to Contact Go Card in Australia Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 180000580

Email: N/A

Website: https://translink.com.au/tickets-and-fares/go-card

Go Card registered office address

South East Queensland, Australia.

About Go Card Australia

Location: South East Queensland, Australia
Launched: 2006

The go card is an electronic smartcard ticketing system developed by Cubic Corporation, which is currently used on the TransLink public transport network in South East Queensland.





How to use the Go Card in Australia?

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To use, simply

  • Top-up your card
  • Touch on at the start of your journey
  • Touch off at the end.

Use go card on all TransLink bus, train (including Airtrain), ferry and tram services in greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast regions.

The best part about go card is it’s:

  • cheaper than a paper ticket
  • convenient to manage
  • easy to top-up and use
  • available for adults, children, concessions, seniors.

Card reader sounds and lights

The card reader sound and lights will be different depending on your type of card.

The reader will give:

  1. A green light and one beep for adult cards
  2. Amber light and two beeps for children, seniors, and concession cards.
  3. Getting a red light or a cross? Try again, or try touching another card reader.

How to Buy Go card

You can buy and top-up your go card:

  • online
  • at your local retailer
  • or by calling 13 12 30.

Select your go card

  • Go card is available for adults, children, and eligible seniors and concession cardholders.
  • Children, seniors, and concession go cardholders travel at 50% of the normal adult fares.
  • Tertiary students, job seekers, and asylum seekers need to buy an Adult go card and apply for concessions fares to be activated on the card.
  • Tickets are also available for tourists and visitors and for business.

Register your go card

When you register your go card online, you can:

  • Top-up your card online and over the phone
  • Set up auto top-up to always have travel credit on your card
  • Protect the money loaded onto your card if it’s lost or stolen
  • Check your balance and transaction history
  • Request a refund or a balance transfer
  • Receive SMS or email notifications (you can choose the type of notifications you receive)
  • Check your expiry date.

If you’ve recently purchased a new go card, you won’t be able to register your card until their backend system recognizes it. In most cases, this will only take a couple of hours but sometimes it could be up to 24 hours.

Register your Go card

Buy and top-up go card

  1. At a retailer
  2. Online
  3. Over the phone

How to Top-up go card?

There are over 1,600 places to top-up your go card across South East Queensland including:

  • Selected retailers where you see the ‘top-up’ symbol
  • Attended Queensland Rail station ticket offices
  • Fare machines at G:link tram stations, busway stations, and selected bus interchanges
  • Online
  • By phone 13 12 30.

How to check the TransLink (SEQ) GO card balance through Translink Fare machine Australia?

You can check through the fare machine also.

  • Visit the nearest machine
  • Touch “Check balance” on the screen
  • Keep your card at the machine
  • You can view the balance

How to check the balance of TransLink (SEQ) GO card Australia online?

  1. Visit https://gocard.translink.com.au/webtix/
  2. Enter the Go card number
  3. Enter the password
  4. Login to check the go card balance


Translink Go card Australia Check Balance-Manage card
Translink Go card Australia Check Balance-Manage card

How to get the refund from Go card Australia?

Refund eligibility

  • Card balance is more than $50
  • Last top-up was made online, over the phone, or via auto top-up
  • Go card expired more than 255 days ago
  • You haven’t used your card for more than 5 years (dormant card)
  • Go card is lost or stolen (registered cards only)
  • You are seeking a refund for a deceased estate.
  • Refunds are made to Australian bank accounts only.


  1. Download the form
  2. Enter the name, address, phone and email address
  3. Enter the Go card number
  4. Select the refund reason
  5. Enter the account name, BSB number and account number
  6. After complete the refund form and send to:

TransLink Cardholder Support, Reply Paid 83865, Brisbane QLD 4001 (No stamp required)


Auto top-up

The easiest way to ensure you always have enough money to travel is to activate auto top-up, by linking your registered go card to your credit/debit card. When your go card balance falls below $5, it will automatically top-up with the amount of your choice. You’ll never have to worry about waiting in line to top-up your go card or running out of money on your card again. The minimum auto top-up amount is $20.

Things to remember:

  1. The first time you activate auto top-up, the money will be deducted from your credit or debit card immediately.
  2. Your top-up won’t load onto your card until you touch on at a card reader. We recommend you wait up to 60 minutes after activating auto top-up.
  3. If you don’t touch on within 60 days of setting up auto top-up, we will return the money to your credit or debit card.

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