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Greyhound Lines, Inc., usually shortened to Greyhound, is an intercity bus common carrier.

How to Contact Greyhound Lines Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 1-800-231-2222, 00 1 214-849-8100
Email: N/A

Greyhound Lines registered office address

Dallas, Texas, United States.

About Greyhound Lines

Parent organization: FirstGroup

CEO: Dave Leach (1 Nov 2007–)

Founder: Eric Wickman

Greyhound’s iconic brand is synonymous with affordable long-distance travel in North America and a unique national network.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving 2400 destinations across North America with a modern, environmentally-friendly fleet. It has become an American icon, providing safe, enjoyable, and affordable travel to nearly 16 million passengers each year in the United States and Canada. The Greyhound running dog is one of the most recognized brands in the world.

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Inside Bus Facilities

  1. Free Wi-Fi on every bus
  2. Individual power outlets
  3. Extra legroom

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Greyhound Lines Overview

  • More than 3,800 destinations across North America
  • The company’s first route began in Hibbing, Minnesota, in 1914
  • Founded in 1914.


1. How early should I get to the bus station?

  • At Greyhound, boarding begins up to 20 minutes before departure time.
  • If you have your ticket and are traveling with a carry-on bag only, just be at the gate at your boarding time.
  • If you are traveling with bags you need to store under the bus or still need to get your ticket, be sure you give yourself extra time to have an agent assist you at the ticket counter.

2. What baggage can I bring?

  • Have a look at our baggage guidelines before packing. Make sure what you bring fits within our weight and size limits, and you don’t bring any prohibited items.

3. Can I switch to an earlier bus?

  • Yes, if you have an Economy Extra or Flexible fare you can claim a free Same Day Exchange. This allows you to switch to an earlier bus (as long as there’s a seat available). Allow yourself extra time to find an agent to reissue your ticket.

4. How do I pick up tickets at the station?

  • You have two choices: if you go to a self-serve kiosk you just need the confirmation number. If you go to the ticket counter, you’ll need your confirmation number and personal ID.
  • If someone else bought your ticket, you’ll need to show your ID and know the password that was created when the ticket was bought.

5. How do I get my baggage?

  • When you get to your final destination, the driver will take your baggage from the storage compartment under the bus. You can then pick up your bags and be on your way.

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