HCoin Customer care Contacts

HCoin is an overseas registered cryptocurrency trading platform.

How to Contact HCoine Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hcoin.com/

HCoin Exchange registered office address

Seychelles, Africa.

About HCoin Exchange

Founded: 2018

Company: Crypto Exchange

HCoin is an overseas registered cryptocurrency trading platform dedicated to providing users with safe, fast, and stable full services. The platform business covers comprehensive services such as cryptocurrency trading, big data analysis, and digital asset management. HCoin.com receives Starlight Capital, Guanghe Capital, Engine Capital, Cloud Capital, Three-Chain Capital, Chain Capital, BD Fund, BW Fund, YC Fund, Richway Fund, NewBlock Capital, BlackRock Capital, SKYCC Capital, Beecool, etc. dozens of cornerstone strategic investments.

HCoin.com has a top international financial management team, comprehensive and long-term development planning, and the future development potential is immeasurable.

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HCoin Platform advantages

Open and transparent data, escorted by top security teams, registered by millions of Multiple security mechanisms

Much top security platforms uninterrupted scanning Shielding all kinds of security risks

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Open and transparent

2018 online platform with offline storage of digital assets, multiple verification management, and the cooperation of many top security agencies

Low commissioning Fee

The handling fee is as low as 0.05%

Dedicated customer service

exclusive customer service for registered user of the whole network one on one consulting

Qualification certification

Compliance license management Strength credit endorsement Efficient security service.

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Top 30 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in HCoin Exchange

Bitcoin Compound TAI
Ethereum Dash Kusama
Cardano Amun Ether 3x Daily Long Ren
Ethereum Classic Amun Ether 3x Daily Short Maker
Litecoin Qtum Uniswap
EOS TRON SushiSwap
Bitcoin Cash Polkadot Kava.io
Dogecoin Filecoin Loon Network
Bitcoin SV SHIBA INU SwftCoin

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1. What is the first-hand contract?

  • A contract is the price of a contract.
  • Different currency pairs have different contract prices. Users can click “Contract Transaction”-“USDT Perpetual” (or “Currency Standard Perpetual”) on the homepage of the official website-select the currency pair you want ” Contract Details” on the right – contract size, that is, the value of the currency to each contract.

2. How many contracts can be placed at most?

  • HCoin contract ordinary orders can place up to 10 uncompleted orders and 5 uncompleted conditional orders.

3. Do you charge a fee for simulated trading?

  • The HCoin contract simulation disk does not charge a handling fee, and a free contract experience fee of 10,000 USDT is given for you to experience.

4. What are limit price, market price, and condition-triggered trading?

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