IDCM Customer Care Contacts

IDCM is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange company.

How to Contact IDCM Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

IDCM registered office address

10 Metropolis Drive Hunghom, Kowloon, Room 1206, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 518000, HK

About IDCM Exchange

Founded: 2017

CEO: Janice Lee

IDCM’s mission is to create an efficient market without limits. It provides high-level digital currency trading services for BTC, ETH, LTC, and many more. Deep liquidity and trade volume have allowed IDCM to gain popularity among global traders. With a global network outreach, IDCM’s business partners are located all over the world, including Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, France, United States, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, and more.

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Exclusive Registered Users

  • Alliance sub-sites have ownership of registered users

Alliance Members Share Depth

  • Alliance users benefit from the deep liquidity across the IDCM network, ensuring attractive pricing.

Exchange uploaded in 5 days

  • The streamlined setup process gets your exchange up to and running within 5 days.

Powerful Platform Endorsement

  • IDCM is the pinnacle of crypto exchanges. Share our unmatched traffic and liquidity in the age of digital currency.

Minimum Operating Costs

  • The Wall Street investment banking team and world-class blockchain team provide support and training to help you operate the exchange.

Investment Return with 30 days

  • They allow you to focus on growing your business, with an investment return period of as little as one month.

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Top 21 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in IDCM Exchange

Bitcoin Kyber Network Crystal Legacy
Ethereum Reserve Rights
Litecoin NEST Protocol
Ethereum Classic Augur
0x Universa
Chainlink Va Na Su
Ren Beldex
Basic Attention Token EveryCoin

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1. How can I make my IDCM  account more secure?

  • IDCM provides comprehensive security protection: HTTPS is used throughout the site; secondary verification methods such as Google Authenticator and SMS are supported; digital assets adopt strategies such as cold wallet + multi-signature; to ensure the safety of funds, cooperate with the industry’s top security team to guarantee you in all aspects Security of accounts and funds.

2. What to do if IDCM charges the wrong address/currency?

  • If you deposit coins to a non-IDCM address, the assets cannot be retrieved.
  • It takes a lot of time and cost to process small deposits, so the deposit amount is less than the minimum deposit amount notified by the IDCM deposit interface and it will not be retrieved.
  • Recharge non-IDCM online currency to IDCM account: Please wait patiently for IDCM to list the currency.

3. What are limit order and market order?

 Limit order

  • A limit order is one of the most basic types of orders. Limit orders allow traders to set the price and quantity of buy/sell orders by themselves.

Market order

  • Market orders will be quickly executed at market prices. Once there is a matching buy and sell order, the market order will be executed immediately. A market sell order will be executed at the best price of the pending order, while a market buy order will be executed at the best selling price of the pending order..

4. What to do if I forget my IDCM password?

  • If you forget your password, please click on the IDCM login page:
  • You can use your mobile phone or email verification code to retrieve your password. Take the mobile phone verification code retrieval as an example, enter the mobile phone number, and click to get the verification code.
  • After entering the mobile phone or email verification code, you can set a new password.

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