Japan Rail Pass: Price, How to buy/reserve seat?

Japan Rail Pass

What is a Japan Rail Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass is also called the JR Pass and is sold exclusively by the Japan Railways Group for overseas visitors. It is valid for travel on all major forms of transportation provided by the JR Group in Japan, with a few exceptions. The pass is designed to stimulate travel and tourism throughout the country.

Type of Passes

  • Green Pass
  • Ordinary Pass

What is the price of Japan rail pass?

Type Green Ordinary
Duration Adult Child Adult Child
7-day ¥70,000 ¥35,000 ¥50,000 ¥50,000
14-day ¥110,000 ¥55,000 ¥80,000 ¥80,000
21-day ¥140,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000 ¥100,000

Route Map

Who is eligible?

  • Foreign travelers visiting Japan from a foreign country for sightseeing on a “Temporary Visitor” visa.
  • Japanese living outside of Japan who have obtained both a Japanese passport and written proof that they have been legally living in the country for 10 consecutive years or more—from Japan’s embassy or legation in the foreign country where they reside.

How to buy Japan Rail Pass?

You can buy Japan Rail Pass:

How to buy Japan Rail Pass online?

  1. Visit above link
  2. Enter the email address and password
  3. Complete the registration
  4. Once registration is complete then email will be sent
  5. After logging in, select “Reserve JAPAN RAIL PASS” in My Menu.
  6. Enter State date, valid date, type of pass and number of passenger
  7. Enter the name and passport number of the purchaser.
  8. Make a Payment
  9. A notification email will be sent to you once the purchase is complete

Japan Rail Pass

How to reserve seat using the pass?

Reserve online

  1. Buy your Your Pass online
  2. Book your reserved seat on the same website

Through vending machine

  1. Go to the vending machine
  2. Select “Receive reserved seat ticket reserved via website”
  3. Enter your reservation number
  4. Enter the full passport number
  5. Select the reservation you are going to use
  6. To get  reserved Seat ticket before boarding

Japan Rail Pass

To book without vending machine

  1. Go to the Travel Service Center or “Mitori-no-Madoguchi” (Ticket Office) at JR Station
  2. Show your Japan Rail Pass to claim your reservation
  3. To receive reserved Seat ticket before boarding

On which transports is the JR pass valid?

Valid Transports

  • Shirayuki-go
  • Nikko
  • Kinugawa/Spacia Kinugawa
  • Dancer Saphir Dancer
  • dancer number
  • Fuji Kaiyugo
  • Nankigo
  • Rapid “Mie”
  • Kounotori
  • Super Hakuto
  • Super Inaba
  • Shimanto/Ashizuri
  • Hokkaido Bus Company
  • JR Bus Tohoku Company
  • JR Bus Kantō Company
  •  Tōkai Bus Company
  • West JR Bus Company
  • Chūgoku JR Bus Company
  • JR Shikoku Bus Company
  • Kyushu Bus Company
  • JR West Japan Miyajima Ferry [Miyajima-Miyajimaguchi]


1.Is there a refund on JR pass?

Yes. You can apply for a refund at the ticket offices where the PASS is distributed. In either case, a handling fee of 560 yen will be charged per PASS.

Note: If you use a non-reserved seat, or if you travel in an ordinary car using a Green Car pass, no refund will be paid for the fare or other charges.

2. Can you travel by “NOZOMI” or “MIZUHO” train with JR Pass?

“NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen lines are not covered by the JR Pass. But every time you use the “NOZOMI” or “MIZUHO” train [only with JR Pass] you can use the “NOZOMI” or “MIZUHO” Shinkansen Bullet Train if you buy the NOZOMI MIZUHO.

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