Korea Rail Pass: Price, How to buy/reserve seat?

Korea Rail Pass

What is a Korea Rail Pass?



The Korea Rail Pass is also commonly called the KR Pass. This rail pass is offered by Korail (Korea Railroad Corporation), the national railway operator of South Korea. The pass is offered exclusively to foreign visitors and is valid for most of the rail lines operated by Korail in the designated period, including KTX, the high-speed railway in South Korea.


Type of Passes

  • Adult Pass: age from 28
  • Youth Pass: age from 13 to 27
  • Child Pass: age between 6 to 12
  • Saver Pass: pass for 2 to 5 passengers as a group with same travel date, time and itinerary

What is the price of Korea rail pass?

Type Normal Saver (2~5)
Adult Youth Child
2 day select pass 131000 105000 66000 121000
3 consecutive day pass 165000 132000 83000 155000
4 day select pass 234000 187000 117000 224000
5 consecutive day pass 244000 195000 122000 234000

Note: + Children under 6: free of charge when fare-paying guardian(age over 13) accompanies (one child per one guardian allowed)

Who is eligible?

  • KR PASS is available only to foreigners and not to Koreans.
  • Korean travelers with PR passports, foreign citizenship and long-term visas also use KR PASS.
  • Foreigners and those who stay in Korea with a foreign passport for less than six months can use this pass.

How to buy Korea Rail Pass?

You can buy Korea Rail Pass:

  • Online
  • Appointed travel agencies outside of Korea

How to buy Korea Rail Pass online?

  1. Visit https://www.letskorail.com
  2. Select Pass type  and passenger type
  3. Enter the name, gender, email, nationality and password
  4. Click “Reservation”

Korea Rail Pass

How to book a reserved seat using the pass?

  1. Visit https://www.letskorail.com/
  2. Click “My Reservation”
  3. Enter the Email, Password and Korea Rail Pass number
  4. Click “Inquiry”
  5. Select your chosen ticket from Reservation Information then select “Details”.
  6. Select Add from Date of Travel to then select the desired date.
  7. Select the ticket you’ve purchased at Reservation Information then select “Seat Reservation”.
  8. After all the information is filled out, select ” Inquiry”.
  9. From Economy Class, choose your desired seat.

Korea Rail Pass


1.Is there a refund on KR pass?

  • No refund from the first date of travel.
  • Return on (Korean Time Standard) does not bill the cancellation fee
  • Reserved seat tickets must be returned to cancel and return the pass.

2.Which lines are not covered by the pass? 

  • Gyeongin Line
  • Ansan Line
  • Gwacheon Line
  • Bundang Line
  • Ilsan Line
  • Gyeongwon Line
  • Gyeongbu Line
  • Janghang Line
  • Jungang Line
  • Gyeongui Line

3. How long is the e-ticket valid?

Passengers must exchange the e-ticket at an official Korean National Exchange Office within 180 days from the date of purchase. Once this validity period expires, the transaction will automatically be cancelled. No cancellation fee in case of automatic cancellation.

How to contact about KR PASS?


Email: [email protected]

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