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LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. is an educational entertainment and electronics company.

How to Contact LeapFrog Enterprises Customer Support/Phone Number

Customer Care phone: 1-800-701-5327
Email: N/A
Website: https://www.leapfrog.com/en-us/home

LeapFrog Enterprises Registered office address

Emeryville, California, United States.

About LeapFrog Enterprises


Founded: 1994

CEO: John Barbour (Mar 2011–)

Founders: Michael C Wood, Robert Lally, Michael Wood

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. is the leader in innovative solutions that encourage a child’s curiosity and love of learning throughout their early developmental journey. For more than 20 years, LeapFrog has helped children expand their knowledge and imagination through award-winning products that combine state-of-the-art educational expertise led by the LeapFrog Learning Team, innovative technology, and engaging play – turning playtime into quality time that helps children leap ahead.

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Advantages of Using LeapFrog

The toymaker develops interactive reading systems, educational games, books, and learning toys in five languages, covering subjects from math to music. Its bestselling brands include LeapPad, Leapster, LeapBand, Learning Path.

Where can I buy LeapFrog products?

  1. Amazon
  2. Target
  3. Bestbuy.

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LeapFrog Overview

  • LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. is an educational entertainment and electronics company. LeapFrog designs develop, and markets technology-based learning products and related content for the education of children from infancy through grade school.


1. How can I install my personal MP3s to RockIt Twist?

  • First, make sure you install the RockIt Twist application found at leapfrog.com/connect.
  • Follow the instructions to connect to LeapFrog Connect using the included USB Cable.
  • In LeapFrog Connect, click the “Manage Device” tab at the top of the screen
  • On the Manage Device page, click the “Add and Remove MP3s” button
  • Follow the instructions on the page to navigate to your MP3s on your computer and transfer them to your device

2. Forgot Parent Lock code on LeapFrog Epic tablet?

1. If you forgot the four-digit parent lock code you set up for the tablet, you may retrieve the code with these steps:

  • Using a computer or other device connected to the internet, go to www.leapfrog.com
  • Click “Log In/Register” (or “My Account” if already signed in) on the top right of the page.
  • Sign in with the email address used to set up the Epic tablet.
  • You’ll land on the “My Account” page.
  • Click “Account Information”. Directly beneath the orange “Edit” button, you will see the Parent Lock code information for any device set up using this account.

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