Lykke Exchange Customer care Contacts

Lykke is a new breed of cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Switzerland.

How to Contact Lykke Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: +41 43 508 63 79
Email: [email protected]

Lykke Exchange registered office address

Alpenstrasse 9, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

About Lykke Exchange

Founded: 2015

Product: Crypto Exchange

Lykke is a Swiss Fintech company building a global marketplace based on blockchain. It builds on decades of thought and research by company founder Richard Olsen, a pioneer in the field of high-frequency finance. Richard served as co-founder and CEO of OANDA, a leading foreign exchange company.

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Lykke Exchange Advantages

Lykke’s mission is to build a new ecosystem for the outdated finance industry by leveraging the power of the blockchain. Since its inception, the company has been committed to upgrade finance and support the industry in reinventing itself, with a systemic approach across both B2C and B2B markets. Through its marketplace, Lykke offers unique financial products and empowers both retail customers and financial institutions to invest with no intermediaries, low cost, and ease of use.

Lykke Exchange has listed new trading fiat to crypto pairs mainly for our core currencies, EUR, and GBP:

  • BCH to EUR
  • BCH to GBP
  • EOS to GBP
  • LTC to EUR
  • LTC to GBP

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Lykke Exchange Platform

Lykke offers a unique one-fits-all platform for cryptocurrency trading giving an easy entrance into the cryptocurrency market. All steps that a beginner must take to invest in cryptocurrency are intuitive and simple:

  1. Download the Lykke cryptocurrency app and submit your KYC to verify your identity,
  2. Once you’re approved, tap on “deposit” on the main pane of the app,
  3. Tap on the currency you prefer (EUR, CHF, or GBP) and choose the deposit method: card or wire transfer. Follow the instructions to deposit, fees may apply.
  4. Once your fiat money is in your Lykke Wallet account, you can exchange it for the cryptocurrency of your choice without paying any trading fees.

This is how you can buy Bitcoin or Ripple (XRP) with Swiss francs, British pound sterlings, or euros without buying USD first and without paying exchange commissions.

Top 20 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Lykke Exchange

Bitcoin SolarCoin XRP Bitcoin Gold
Ethereum Genesis Vision Lykke Neo
Bitcoin Cash Dent Vetri Zcash
Litecoin Blackmoon Ethereum Classic BitShares
Stellar Kin Dash Zilliqa

Download Lykke app

Lykke App on Google play

Lykke App on Apple App Store


1. How to Register?

2. How do I deposit using bank wire?

iOS and Android:

  • Tap on Deposit from the app’s main screen.
  • Select the desired asset you wish to deposit, you may also use the search feature to find the desired asset.
  • After tapping the asset, you will the bank account details such as BIC/Swift code, account number and name, bank and company address, and the purpose of payment.
  • Use the bank account details to deposit funds to your Lykke account.
  • You can also send the bank account details to your email. Enter the amount that you wish to transfer and tap the button Email me.


  • Navigate to your account on the web.
  • Go to Funds
  • Click the menu Deposit, choose SWIFT on the dropdown and select the currency you would like to deposit.
  • Fill in the total amount you would like to deposit and use the bank account details provided.
  • You may also send the bank account details to your email. To do so, fill in the amount you would like to deposit, scroll at the bottom and click the button.

3. How do I reset my PIN?

  • Enter your email ID.
  • On the password screen, enter the incorrect password. (This forces the app to reject the password.)
  • Tap the password recovery button.
  • Enter all 12 secret words, and tap the Submit button.
  • Enter a new password, and enter a hint to help you remember it.
  • Enter and verify your new PIN.
  • We sent a code to the phone number linked to your account. Confirm that this is your phone number by retrieving and entering this code.
  • Review the confirmation screen that appears. The system has accepted your new password and PIN.

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