Namebase (Handshake Coins) Customer care Contacts is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can purchase and sell Handshake coins or use Handshake names.

How to Contact Namebase Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: N/A

Namebase Exchange registered office address

London, UK.

About Namebase Exchange

Founder: Tieshun Roquerre

Company: Crypto Exchange

Namebase is a registrar for Handshake domains and an exchange for Handshake coins (HNS). It supports BTC and HNS deposits (and USD in 4 weeks), BTC and HNS withdrawals (and USD). It is registered as an MSB with FinCEN. Namebase customers can use their HNS to bid on and use Handshake domain names.

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Why Handshake

Owned, not rented

Own your TLD instead of renting subdomains from legacy TLDs. You control your TLD and can do whatever you want with it.

Unlimited domains

Stop paying for new domains to share your side projects — create unlimited domains with your TLD for free e.g. this. the project, next. project

Sovereign identity

Control your own identity and create redirects for your online presence like Facebook. your name, Twitter. your name, GitHub.your name.


Handshake is a decentralized alternative to certificate authorities that is more secure and difficult to censor.


Use Namebase’s private bidding feature to register names and deploy websites anonymously.

Monetize your TLD

Create a business and sell domains off your TLD with the Namebase Registry.

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How it works

Buy Handshake coins

They’re a full-service exchange and wallet. You can purchase HNS with USD or BTC.

Bid on names you like

Names are offered through an auction that runs entirely on the blockchain.

Use your names

Set up your website, a custom URL redirect, or even sell subdomains off your top-level domain.

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1. How do I get Handshake coins (HNS)?

  • You can buy HNS directly through Namebase’s exchange where you can currently trade USD or BTC for HNS. If you’re a developer, you may be able to claim a ~4600 HNS airdrop. You can also mine HNS coins.

2. How do I withdraw USD?

  • You can withdraw USD by navigating to your USD wallet from your dashboard and clicking the Withdraw button.

3. How do I change my password?

  • You can change your password by logging out of your Namebase account, selecting “Log in”, and then “Forgot your password?”.

4. Does Namebase charge fees?

  • Customers with USD balances are charged $1 for each ACH withdrawal. For withdrawing BTC, customers only pay the BTC network mining fee.

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