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Nol Card is a Smart Card that enables you to pay for the use of various RTA transport modes in Dubai with a single tap.

How to Contact Nol Smart Card Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: +9718009090
Email: [email protected]

Nol Smart Card Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: UAE.

About Nol Smart Card

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Launched: August 2009; 13 years ago

Currency: AED (5.00 minimum load, 5000 maximum load)

Nol Card is a credit-card-sized stored-value contactless smartcard that can hold prepaid funds to pay for fares on buses and trains within one or more of four “zones”. The credit must be added to the card before travel. Passengers “tag on” and “tag off” their card on electronic gates at the metro station or electronic terminals in buses when entering and leaving the transport system in order to validate it or deduct funds.

Nol Smart Card Features

  • Contactless Technology: The Nol Smart Card uses contactless technology, allowing users to simply tap the card on the card reader without the need for physical contact or swiping.
  • Multiple Services: The Nol Smart Card is a versatile card that can be used for various transportation services, including Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, buses, water buses, and Dubai Taxis. It offers a seamless integration across different modes of transportation.
  • Fare Payment: The card acts as an electronic purse, enabling users to load it with credit and use it to pay for fares. It eliminates the need for cash transactions, making the payment process more convenient and efficient.
  • Tariff Integration: The Nol Smart Card integrates different tariff zones, allowing users to travel across multiple zones within a specified time frame without incurring additional charges. It calculates the fare based on the traveled zones and deducts the appropriate amount from the card balance.
  • Card Personalization: The Nol Smart Card can be personalized with the user’s name and photo, enhancing security and preventing misuse. The personalized card can only be used by the registered owner.
  • Easy Recharge: The Nol Smart Card can be easily recharged at various locations, including ticket vending machines at metro stations, authorized retail outlets, online portals, and mobile applications. This ensures that users can conveniently add credit to their cards whenever needed.

How to buy a Nol Card in UAE?

  1. Visit  Nol Card vending machine
  2. Choose the type of Nol Card
  3. Select the appropriate fare type
  4. Insert cash or card
  5. Collect your Nol Card
  6. Top up your Nol Card (if necessary)
  7. Start using your Nol Card

How to Check Nol Card Balance in the USA?

1. Visit:

2. Click on the Check NOL Balance box

3. Enter the NOL Card TAG ID found on the backside of the NOL card

4. Click on Search button

5. Display the NOL Card balance

6. Click Submit Button.

How to Top up / Recharge Nol Card UAE?

  • Login into Nol Pay Account Using his UAE Pass.
  • Selects Top Up on The Main Screen.
  • Selects the Top Up Amount.
  • Completes the Payment Using a Credit or Debit Card.
  • Balance is Topped Up Instantly.

How to get a Refund from the Nol Card?

  • The refund request should be raised directly to the issuing bank in case of a lost, damaged, faulty or expired card.

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