Pronto Card in San Diego, CA, USA Customer care Phone number, How to buy, register, top up, Check the balance online?

Pronto Card USA Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website, Check Balance, Recharge & Refund Details and Social Media

USA Pronto Card Customer Care Contacts

PRONTO Card USA is the NCTD and MTS regional fare payment system.

How to Contact Pronto Card Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 619-595-5636
Email: N/A

Pronto Card Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: San Diego, CA, USA.

About Pronto Card

Location: San Diego County

Operator: INIT Systems

Currency: United States Dollar

Pronto, stylized as PRONTO, is the second-generation contactless payment system for automated fare collection on public transit services in San Diego County, California.

Pronto Card Benefits

  • The primary difference is that riders do not need to buy passes in advance. You can earn-as-you-go by adding money to your PRONTO account.
  • You will be able to track your progress toward a Day or Month Pass on your PRONTO app or online account.
  • Riders still have the option to buy a Month Pass in advance for all buses, Trolley and SPRINTER.
    COASTER will require up-front payment for a Day or Month Pass.
  • PRONTO is also an account-based system that allows for real-time account management. You can use your smartphone to load money to the account instantly.
  • Value can also be added online, over the phone, at ticket vending machines, retail outlets, and the MTS Transit Store and North County Customer Service Centers; and this value will be available instantly through every method.

How to use the Pronto Card in USA?

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Pronto Cad

To use, simply

  • Top-up your card
  • Touch on at the start of your journey
  • Touch off at the end.

Use Pronto Card Trolley, SPRINTER and COASTER platforms, and at the entrance of all MTS and NCTD buses.

How to Buy Pronto Card?

You can buy and top-up your Pronto card:

  • Online
  • Ticket Machines at Trolley Stations and Transit Centers
  • MTS Transit Store: located at the 12th and Imperial Transit Center
  • Retail Stores in San Diego County
  • Download the PRONTO app

Select your Pronto card

  • Pronto card is available for adults, children, and eligible seniors and concession cardholders.
  • Children, seniors, and concession go cardholders travel at 50% of the normal adult fares.
  • Tertiary students, job seekers, and asylum seekers need to buy an Adult go card and apply for concessions fares to be activated on the card.
  • Tickets are also available for tourists and visitors and for business.

Register your Pronto card

When you register your Pronto card online, you can:

  • Top-up your card online and over the phone
  • Set up auto top-up to always have travel credit on your card
  • Protect the money loaded onto your card if it’s lost or stolen
  • Check your balance and transaction history
  • Request a refund or a balance transfer
  • Receive SMS or email notifications (you can choose the type of notifications you receive)
  • Check your expiry date.

How to Top-up Pronto card?

  • Online
  • Ticket Machines at Trolley Stations and Transit Centers
  • MTS Transit Store: located at the 12th and Imperial Transit Center
  • Retail Stores in San Diego County
  • Download the PRONTO app
  • or call 619-595-5636

Download the Pronto App

How to get the refund from Pronto card USA?

Who is get refund?

If you believe that you were charged incorrectly, or did not receive the accurate change from a PRONTO ticket machine purchase then use the refund request form , or call PRONTO Support at 619-595-5636.

Note: Refunds will not be issued for transit pass products or money loaded onto a PRONTO card(s)

Procedure to apply refund

  1. Download the form
  2. Enter the name, address, phone and email address
  3. Enter the Pronto card number
  4. Select the refund reason
  5. Enter the account name


1. Can multiple people use the same PRONTO card?

  • Link a credit or debit card for quick and easy payments. View your past trips and charges, monitor progress toward earning a Day or Month Pass, and more. Add family members to the same account to manage multiple PRONTO products in one place.

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