Rail Europe Train Tickets in Austria: What are the Passes used, Train Journeys and Airport train Stations?

While booking a train to Austria, you’ll admire the Europe’s most expansive train services, connecting over 6,000km of rail network. Mozart, The Sound of Music, schnitzel, beer and the Alps influence tourism throughout the country.

National operator: Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)

One of the most picturesque journeys is the Tyrolean route which runs west from Innsbruck; it’s used by all direct trains from Vienna and Salzburg to Switzerland. Another favourite is the Semmering Railway which runs south-west from Vienna towards Graz and Klagenfurt. Don’t expect high speed on these scenic mountain routes. These journeys are a chance to sit back and savour the landscape.

When you are looking to buy train tickets in Austria, it is worth noting that Vienna is also particularly well served by night trains from across Europe, the majority of which run under ÖBB’s Nightjet brand. For more information, do read our blog on Austrian train travel.

Best Train destinations in Austria

  • Paris to Vienna
  • Vienna to Prague
  • Munich to Salzburg
  • Vienna to Innsbruck
  • Vienna to Graz
  • Vienna to Salzburg
  • Vienna to Bad Gastein
  • Vienna to Budapest
  • Vienna to Munich
  • Salzburg to Munich

What are best Rail passes used in Austria?

  1. Eurail & Interrail Austria Pass
  2. Eurail Global Pass (or)
  3. Interrail Global Pass (For an European resident)

What are the Trains are running with in Austria?

Airport Train Stations in Austria

Austria’s three main airports are connected by train: Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck

Vienna: You can getting from Vienna airport to the city centre by train is easy and the airport has its own train station.

Salzburg and Innsbruck: There is a bus to the main train stations from Salzburg and Innsbruck airports.

Note: Currently, No train tickets from Vienna airport to Vienna city centre. You’ve to buy tickets locally. You can purchase train tickets in the website to and from Vienna airport from a wide range of European cities including Salzburg, Paris, Munich and more.

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