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Rudex is a Russian decentralized exchange.

How to Contact RuDEX Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

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RuDEX Exchange registered office address


About RuDEX Exchange

Founded: 2017

Company: Crypto Exchange

Rudex is a Russian decentralized exchange that enables thousands of users to invest, trade, and manage their portfolio 24/7 all within their web browser.

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  1. Start trading
  2. Send micropayments
  3. High speed & scalability (send payments anywhere in 3 seconds)
  4. Open data on all transactions
  5. Logical structure, that provides ease of use
  6. Protection from 3rd party & government intrusion
  7. Stablecoin assets
  8. Private money, not controlled by central banks
  9. Dynamic access rights
  10. Decentralized assets exchange on a single international market.

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RuDEX Fees

RuDEX Trading fees

The trading fees here are very low (0.05% for BTC, ETH, DGB, PPC, and GRC and 0.00% + Bitshare-fees for all other cryptocurrencies). This is extremely competitive seeing as the global industry average is 0.25%. This means that RuDEX’s trading fees are (at worst) five times lower than the global industry average.

RuDEX Withdrawal fees

Certain exchanges have low trading fees and get their profit through high withdrawal fees instead. Not RuDEX, though. RuDEX only charges 0.0005 BTC when you withdraw BTC. While this is not a market record, it is almost 40% lower than the global industry average (being 0.0008 BTC). Good work, RuDEX!

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Top 9 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in RuDEX Exchange

New BitShares
Golos Blockchain

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1. What are Margin and Ratio?

  • Total collateral value / debt = ratio. The total value of the assets used for collateral is at least 1.75 times the debt lent. With the value of the collateral unchanged, the debt that can be lent out by adjusting the ratio will also change.

2. What is the target collateral ratio?

  • The target collateral ratio means that after the forced margin call is triggered, the system will not sell all the collateral for the debt loan at a time during the process of selling your assets for the debt loan. Instead, it will be sold and returned until the target collateral ratio you set is reached, and your collateral will stop selling.

3. What is an active committee?

  • The active committee is generated by the ranking of votes. Currently, the top 11 votes are active committees. The active committee is mainly responsible for adjusting the overall parameters of the system.

4. What is a candidate committee?

  • Users who have applied for a committee account will become candidates committee, and they will become the active committee by voting to enter the top 11.

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