Sayer Card Customer care Contacts in Sharjah, UAE

Sayer card is a way to facilitate your travel around Sharjah.

How to Contact Sayer Card in Sharjah Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 600 52 52 52, 600522282
Email: N/A

Sayer Card registered office address

Sharjah, UAE.

About Sayer Card in Sharjah

Started: 2010

Sayer card is a way to facilitate your travel around Sharjah. It enables the passengers to pay for tickets electronically on Mowasalat busses. This technology can save your precious time whenever you travel by bus.

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Why Sayer card (Mowasalat) is a smarter way to travel

  • It’s convenient
  • Cash-free method of payment for travel
  • Access buses easily bypass the card into the card reader.


  1. Present your SAYER card on a Ticket machine on the Mowasalat bus.
  2. The trip amount will be deducted from your SAYER Card
  3. Please keep the SAYER ticket receipt till the end of the journey for inspection purposes.
  4. SAYER Ticket Receipt will have details of the amount charged and balance amount available in your SAYER Card
  5. The time interval for issuing the second ticket is 15 minutes

Top-up in the Bus

SAYER Top-up on the bus! Now is even smarter to travel around Sharjah City with your SAYER Card. Passengers can now purchase and top-up SAYER Cards on all Mowasalat Buses by paying the driver. With this feature, you can save more precious time going to the terminal to buy and top-up your SAYER Card.


Maximum Allowed Balance AED 180
Rechargeable Yes
Validity 5 Years
Cash Ticket AED 8.00
Sayer Ticket AED 6.00
Card Price AED 45 & AED 90 plus a one-time payment of AED 5 for the card cost.


1. How to top-up SAYER on the bus?

Sayer Cards can be purchased and reloaded at the designated terminals and in Mowasalat buses by asking the driver.

  • Board any Mowasalat bus and ask the driver for a SAYER top-up.
  • Inform the amount of the driver to top-up.
  • Take the SAYER Card together with the purchase receipt.
  • The purchase receipt will show the previous balance plus the amount added to your SAYER Card.

2. What is the difference between SAYER cards and normal tickets?

  • The difference between SAYER Cards and normal tickets is that SAYER Card is reloadable/rechargeable, have easy access on the bus saves your precious time while the paper ticket, the trip has to be paid to the bus driver in cash which is expensive compared to SAYER card fare.

3. How can I check the remaining balance of my SAYER card?

  • The balance of your SAYER Card is shown in your SAYER ticket issued by the bus driver every time you travel with Mowasalat Buses. You can also check it from the designated selling sales points.

4. What can I do if the SAYER card is lost or stolen?

  • Immediately call the customer serves hotline at 600522282 by reporting your serial card number our agent will disable it within 48 hours. Only registered Sayer Card can be hot-listed.

5. Where do I Purchase and Top-Up sayer card?

  • You can purchase or top-up your sayer card at your nearest bus terminal (Jubail Bus Terminal), sayer retail point, sayer vending machine, and onboard mowasalat buses.

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