SouthXchange Customer care Contacts

SouthXchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

How to Contact SouthXchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

SouthXchange registered office address


About SouthXchange

Founded: 2015

Business: Cryptocurrency

SouthXChange is a relatively small Argentinian cryptocurrency exchange that offers a lot of altcoins, which can be traded against one another, in addition to US dollar. … currencies, or cash out their Bitcoins in USD. Also, its pricing is good, but we cannot say the same for the liquidity on most pairs at SouthXChange.

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SouthXChange Details

  • SouthXchange is a currency management platform operated by PRO-Systems.
  • It is designed and built with security, simplicity and usability in mind.
  • They believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world, and their mission is to provide the necessary tools to make it happen.
  • This exchange platform is their first step towards that mission.

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About PRO-Systems

  • PRO-Systems is an Argentina-based company composed of highly trained software engineers.
  • It has over 10 years of experience working on complex and high profile enterprise applications.
  • Since 2012 it has been actively involved in cryptocurrency-related projects.

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Top 95 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in SouthXchange

Dash Ethereum IOTA ZCore Token NuShares Validity
Vertcoin DeVault FlypMe STRAKS Crown MMOCoin
Dogecoin BALL Coin Gaming Titan Coin FuturoCoin AgaveCoin Helix
Litecoin ScPrime Denarius GCN Coin Nxt UCA Coin
SHIELD TRON CelCoin SparksPay SF Capital LunchMoney
Goldcoin Namecoin SafeInsure Pinkcoin MktCoin Decentrahub Coin
Monero DeepOnion TrumpCoin Dinero NuBits OBIC
Primecoin NewYorkCoin Teloscoin MintCoin Bata Scolcoin
StakeCubeCoin BiblePay SafeCapital Ethereum Classic XGOX Aitra
Polis Terracoin Dero Pesetacoin Internxt SAFE DEAL
Bitcoin Gridcoin SmileyCoin Bitcoin Plus JavaScript Token Counos Coin
Litecoin Cash Modern Investment Coin VAULT Manna Phantomx Trism
Verge Bitcoin Cash BitSend Carebit Masari Mantis
Bitcoin Gold PlusOneCoin Peercoin Bitcoin SV SteepCoin G999
Alias Block-Logic Stealth GHOSTPRISM Winco HyperAlloy


1. How do I deposit coins?

  • Click ‘Wallet’ in the  main menu and then select the desired coin.
  • That will take you to the balance page of that coin.
  • At the bottom, you will see several panes, including but not limited to: Deposit, Withdrawal, and Transactions.
  • Select the ‘Deposit’ pane to see instructions on how to deposit funds. For example, this is the BTC deposit pane:
  • Here you can generate a deposit address that you can use to deposit funds in SouthXchange.
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2. How do I withdraw coins? 

  • Click ‘Wallet’ in the  main menu and then select the desired coin.
  • That will take you to the balance page of that coin.
  • At the bottom, you will see several panes, including but not limited to: Deposit, Withdrawal, and Movements.
  • Select the ‘Withdrawal’ pane and enter the destination address to see instructions on how to withdraw funds. For example, this is the BTC withdrawal pane:
  • Instead of an address, you can also enter an email address of another SouthXchange user, in which case the withdrawal will be executed internally without hitting the blockchain.
  • For BTC and LTC you can also enter a Lightning Network invoice (aka payment request) to send funds through the Lightning Network instantly and free of charge.

3. How do I reset Two Factor Authentication?

  • If you lose your 2FA device then you can request to have your 2FA removed from your account.
  •  If you do that, they  will place a hold in your account for 7 days.
  • During this time you will be able to trade and deposit, but you will NOT be able to withdraw any coins.
  • After 7 days the hold will expire and you will be able to use your account normally.

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