SUBE Card in Argentina Customer care Phone number, How to buy, register, top up, Check the balance online?

SUBE Smart Card in Argentina Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website, Check Balance, Recharge & Refund Details and Social Media

The SUBE card is a contactless smart card system introduced in Argentina.

How to Contact SUBE Card in Argentina Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: 0800-777-SUBE (7823)
Email: N/A

SUBE Card registered office address


About SUBE Card

Location: Buenos Aires

Usage: Bus, Train, Rapid transit, Autopistas del Oeste, Autopistas del sol S.A.

Top up point: Telephone, Online, Station

Credit expiry: None

The SUBE card (standing for Sistema Único de Boleto Electrónico; literal English translation: Unique Electronic Ticket System) is a contactless smart card system introduced in Argentina in February 2009.

It is used on public transport services within the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and other Argentine cities and was promoted by the Argentine Secretary of Transportation. It is valid on a number of different travel systems across the city including the Underground, buses, and trains.

One of the benefits of this change is that it has helped speed passengers onto the bus. People no longer had to wait to be issued a printed receipt as they each enter the bus. Environmentally this should help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen because buses don’t have to idle as long while passengers load, helping improve air quality in the city. The electronic ticket is eliminating the printed receipts thus lowering the amount of littering in the city. The city, in turn, no longer has to process, collect, count, and transport coinage received in payment of some 11 million trips per day.

How to use the SUBE Card in Argentina?

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To use, simply

  • Top-up your card
  • Touch on at the start of your journey
  • Touch off at the end.

How to Buy and top-up SUBE Card?

You can buy and top-up your SUBE Card:

  • Online
  • You can get a SUBE card at convenience stores (“kiosks”), as well as in subway stations.
  • Subte stations
  • Most kioscos,
  • Train stations
  • SUBE Points 
  • Cargar SUBE App

How to recharge SUBE Card through kioscos?

You can recharge through the Kioscos.

  • Visit the nearest machine
  • Tab your SUBE Card
  • Touch “Recharge” on the screen
  • Make a Payment


Out of credit on your SUBE card last minute?

  1. You can go up to negative $-54 pesos.
  2. The kind folks at the Buenos Aires city government understand the hectic city life and the fleeting value of the peso, so there is a negative charge built into each SUBE card.
  3. Once you’ve hit that threshold, you’ll get the dreaded red dot on the SUBE reader. Depending on the friendliness of your bus driver, you can either ask around to use someone else’s SUBE in exchange for cash or simply be forced to slink away in defeat towards the nearest charging station.
  4. Make sure you use the right scanner at the subway! The older turnstiles have two card scanners: old and current. This can cause confusion and even frustration as you hold up the line while attempting to figure things out. So we’ll save you a lot of grief: Always use the scanner on the top for the subway.

Taking the train?

  1. Don’t forget to scan your SUBE card on the way in or out of the train. You’ll be charged the maximum amount if you forget to do either. This is a security measure intended to curb freeloading.

Lose your card?

  1. The SUBE website can cancel your card and you can then find your closest SUBE center to get a new card issued. Of course, you need to be registered first, so make sure to create an account and load your SUBE card number.

Create your SUBE Account

Why is it important to register SUBE?

  • To process the Social Rate
  • Find the numbers of your SUBE if they were erased or if you have several cards.
  • Recover the balance of your lost SUBE.
  • Check your balance and movements.

Download the SUBE App

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