Tokenomy Customer care Contacts

Tokenomy is an exchange platform based in Singapore.

How to Contact Tokenomy Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Tokenomy registered office address

10 ANSON ROAD, #22-15, INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, Singapore 079903, Asia

About Tokenomy Exchange

Founded: 2018

Founder: Christian Hsieh

Tokenomy provides four main services: Earn – Allows you to grow your crypto holdings by participating in various yield generating programs, such as fixed deposits and staking. … Spot Market – The platform provides a marketplace for valuable tokens to be listed and traded on the crypto-to-crypto exchange.

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1. Indodax Ecosystem

  • Access all Tokenomy platforms using your existing Indodax credentials

2. Security

  • Constant security reviews ensure a safe and secure platform for members.

3. Support

  • Full time support for all platforms at all times through various communication channels.

Spot Market

Provides a marketplace for the most popular tokens to be listed and traded on the cryptocurrency exchange.

1. Indodax Ecosystem

  • Easily create an account or use your existing Indodax login.

2. Low fees

  • Trade at some of the lowest fees available in crypto.

3. Choice of Digital assets

  • Trade the biggest and latest digital assets.

 Tokenomy Exchange Features 

1. Leveraged trading

  • Trade on margin with leverage up to 100x on specified key pairs.

2. Seamless integration

  • Transfer assets easily and quickly between your Spot Exchangeand TokenomyX wallets.

3. Indonesian Stablecoin pairs

  • Use the IDK Stablecoin to trade against the largest crypto assets.

Top 24 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in Tokenomy Exchange

Ethereum Synthetix TRON
Tokenomy Chainlink Loopring
Maker Monero Litecoin
IDK Vexanium SIX
EOS Tezos Ethereum Classic
Dai Balancer Ontology
Compound Zcash Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Stellar Honest

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1. How to verify an account?

  • Users must verify their account to increase security and accessibility to do a transaction on Tokenomy.
  • Please go to the profile account page to submit a verification request.

2. How to change my mobile number on Tokenomy?

  •  Click My Profile
  •  Profile and Settings
  • Edit.

3. How to do a withdrawal to a bank account?

  • Withdrawal can be applied only with IDK digital assets.
  • If you have other coins or tokens, please convert it to IDK first.
  • Please click the link here for more information on the steps to withdraw your assets.

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