Truth Social has lost tens of millions of dollars

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The former US President Donald Trump’s company, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), announced the founding of Truth Social, a social media platform. With the goal of giving conservative viewpoints and free speech a platform, it was positioned as an alternative to popular social media sites.

21 February 2022 was the start date of the service. In Truth Social has been dealing with monetary and legal problems since the middle of 2022.

Truth Social is the “Big Tent” social media platform in the United States that promotes free, honest, and transparent global discourse without favoring any particular political philosophy.

You can sign up for Truth Social on your mobile device via the Apple store and Google play store. The registration is closed as if now due to maintenance.

This is Donald Trump’s third campaign for president of the United States. However, when his campaign launches, it won’t have access to Facebook and Twitter, two well-known communication platforms he has utilized in past campaigns.

Both social media platforms suspended Trump at the end of his one-term presidency for his posts regarding the Capitol attack on January 6.

He then started his own media and technology company, which in early 2022 launched Truth Social, a brand-new alternative social media platform.

Truth Social entered a crowded social media landscape that has seen the emergence of other new options in the past few years. Many of these new social media platforms make it clear that they are alternatives to more established ones, particularly by resisting limits on free speech that they claim are prevalent on other sites.

Truth Social, the parent company of former President Donald Trump, has lost tens of millions of dollars while earning $3.7 million in net sales since its start.

The figures indicate that although Trump has made Truth Social his main social media platform, it has not been generating enough revenue for the tech startup, which is owned by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). These are the first internal financial details about the social platform to be made public.

How to contact Truth Social?

Download Truth Social App on Apple (App store) / Android (Google Play store)

Truth Social Contact on Social media (Facebook)

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