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Urbana Smart Card in Ljubljana, Slovenia Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website, Check Balance, Recharge & Refund Details and Social Media

The Urbana Smart Card is a contactless smart card used for public transportation in Slovenia, specifically in the city of Ljubljana.

How to Contact Urbana Smart Card Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone:+3861582 2460
Email: [email protected]
Website: card-urbana

Urbana Smart Card Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

About Urbana Smart Card

Location: Ljubljana

Currency: Euro

Usage: Ljubljana Passenger Transport, Parking, Ljubljana Castle funicular

Urbana is a travel card used on public transport services in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is a credit-card sized plastic card on which the customer electronically loads money and/or passes. It was introduced to enhance the technology of the public transportation system and eliminate the burden of carrying and collecting tokens or cash.

Urbana Card Features

  • Contactless payment: The Urbana Card uses contactless technology, allowing users to simply tap the card on the reader to pay for their fares or other services.
  • Multiple services: The Urbana Card can be used to pay for public transportation on city buses, as well as for parking and bike-sharing services.
  • Easy to use: The card can be loaded with credit at various points of sale throughout the city, and fares are deducted automatically as the card is used.
  • Online registration: The Urbana Card can be registered online, allowing users to view their travel history and top up their credit online.
  • Discounts: Discounts are available for students and seniors, making the Urbana Card an affordable option for many users.

How to buy a Urbana Card in Slovenia?

  1. Visit card-urbana.
  2. Select “Get Urbana Card” on the vending machine screen.
  3. Follow the prompts to enter your information, including your name and address.
  4. Choose the type of Urbana Card you want, such as a standard card or a reduced fare card.
  5. Add value to your card by selecting the amount you want to load onto the card.
  6. Pay for your Urbana Card using cash, credit, or debit card.
  7. Take your Urbana Card and receipt from the vending machine.

How to Check Urbana Card Balance in the Slovenia?

  • Visit card-urbana.
  • Look for a ticket vending machine at a bus stop or at one of the city’s public transportation stations.
  • Insert your Urbana card into the card reader on the machine.
  • On the machine’s display screen, select the option for “Urbana Card Balance Check” or a similar option.
  • Your card’s balance will be displayed on the screen.

How to Top up / Recharge Urbana Card Slovenia?

  • The Urbana card can be topped up with cash at all the above-mentioned sales outlets and the green Urbanomat ticket machines located across the city, mostly next to bus stops. The ticket machines accept both cash and credit and debit cards.

How to get a Refund from the Urbana Card?

  • The ticket machines accept both cash and credit and debit cards.
  • Visitors to Ljubljana who purchase their Urbana card from a Tourist Information Centre and keep the receipt can return the card to the place of purchase when they no longer need it and claim a €2.00 refund.

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