Vem Smart Card in Brazil Customer care Phone number, How to buy, register, top up, Check the balance online?

Vem Smart Card Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Opening Hours, Website and Social Media

The VEM Acronym of Vale eletrônico Metropolitano, Electronic Metropolitan Ticket is a Smart card system used in bus, train and metro of the metropolitan area of Recife, Brazil.

How to Contact Vem Smart Card Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: +1 910-439-4736
Email: N/A

Vem Smart Card Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: Recife metropolitan area, Brazil

About Vem Smart Card

Location: Recife Metropolitan Area

Currency: Brazilian Real

Usage: Bus, Train, Tram

The VEM is a Smart card system used in bus, train and metro of the metropolitan area of Recife, Brazil. The VEM cards operate by using contactless technology as they have an internal chip that communicates with the validator by RFID. Since 11 of June 2014, All credits in VEM card has a validity of 180 days.

Vem Smart Card Features

  • Security: Smart Cards are designed to be secure and protect sensitive information. They use advanced encryption techniques to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Memory Capacity: Smart Cards can store a significant amount of data, ranging from a few kilobytes to several megabytes.
  • Multi-application Support: Smart Cards can support multiple applications, such as payment, healthcare, transportation, and access control, all in one card.
  • Offline Transactions: Smart Cards can perform offline transactions without the need for an internet connection.
  • Contactless Interface: Smart Cards can be designed with a contactless interface, which allows users to simply wave the card in front of a reader to complete a transaction.
  • Personalization: Smart Cards can be personalized with user-specific data, such as name, address, and photograph, which makes them ideal for identification purposes.
  • Durability: Smart Cards are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with a typical lifespan of around 5-7 years.
  • Interoperability: Smart Cards are compatible with a wide range of devices and systems, making them a versatile tool for a variety of applications.

Vem Card

How to Buy/Recharge Vem Smart Card?

You can buy/recharge:

  • Rua da Soledad 259, Boa Vista
  • Any reseller with a 2.5% convenience fee added to the recharge.

Note: Cash only purchases/recharges

How to check the balance of Vem Smart Card?

You can check your Vem card balance through App

Download the Vem App

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