VinDAX Customer Care Contacts

VinDAX is the Philippines ‘ fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange.

How to Contact VinDAX Exchange Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

VinDAX registered office address

Asia Street, Valenzuela City, National Capital Region 1443, Philippines.

About VinDAX Exchange

Founded: 2017

Founder: N/A

VinDAX is founded as a Vin Digital Asset Exchange platform that will connect cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets with a wider audience using a beautifully designed user interface and intuitive trading technology. It also introduces VD a functional coin designed to facilitate simple, successful trades using user-friendly tools. The  VinDAX platform is built with essential trading data and analytics, friendly trading bot functionality, integrated trade signaling for entries and exits, and much more. We develop these advanced features to empower our exchangers to gain profit and knowledge as they go with us and never miss any opportunities that they might have to optimize the benefit that VinDAX brings to them.

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Safety Stability

  • Multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture

High Liquidity

  • Abundant resources and partners

All Devices Covered

  • Support Web, Android, Html5, PC

Multiple-Coin Support


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Top 50 Traders of Cryptocurrencies in VinDAX Exchange

Bitcoin Zcash
Ethereum Kyber Network Crystal Legacy
Litecoin BigBoys Industry
Binance Coin Dogeswap
Stellar SIMBA Storage Token
Neo 1irstGold
NEM VinDax Coin
Dash 1Million Token
OMG Network Daikicoin
Bitcoin Gold Counterparty
Tcbcoin 1irstcoin
Dogecoin JD Coin
Bitcoin Cash ISALCOIN
Bitcoiva Oviex
TRON Burst
Ontology Gas Dexfin
Ontology Decurian
Gas Bitsz
Bitcoin Diamond SPACE-iZ
Chainlink WebDollar

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1. How to resolve the “binding failed” issue?

  • Make sure the “Google Authenticator” app is installed on your Mobile phone.
  • Make sure the time (clock) on your mobile phone (the one running the Google Authenticator app) and the computer (from which you are logging into the VinDAX website) are synchronized.
  • Go to the VinDAX website and enter the right login password and 2FA code.

2. How often do you lose your 2FA code?

  • We guest it must be too inconvenient sometimes when our support team can not give you our instant assistance.
  • Well,  now that you can handle disabling your 2FA, a thing turns surely easier.

3.How to make a withdrawal request?

  • Go to the VinDAX website (, Click [Login] from the menu and enter your details to log in.
  • Click [Funds] -> [Withdrawals]. Click the name of the coin/token you would like to withdraw and click [Withdrawal] button on the right. Input the address、tag、amount, then click [Submit].
  • The system will now send a confirmation message to your VinDAX registered email address. Open the email titled [Withdraw Request Confirmation], make sure it is your intended transaction, and then click [Confirm Withdraw] when you would like to proceed with withdraw.
  • Check the withdrawal: go back to VinDAX official website and log in. Click [Funds] → [Transaction History] → [Deposits Withdrawal] → click [Check] after the txid address.

4. What to do when I Sent coins to the wrong address?

  • If you sent your coins to the wrong address, VinDAX did not receive these coins. And VinDAX does not know who controls those addresses and has no means of recovering those coins. If you know who that address belongs to, it is recommended that you contact the owner of the target address to negotiate your coins back.

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