World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Spain Customer Care Phone Number, Address, Email, Hours

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Spain Customer Care Phone Number, Address, Email, Hours, Website, Events and Social Media

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

How to Contact World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Customer Support/Phone Number?

Customer Care phone: +34 915 67 81 00
Email: [email protected]

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Registered Office Address

Head Quarters: Madrid, Spain.

Hours: Monday to Sunday: 9 am to 5 pm

Address: Calle Poeta Joan Maragall 42, 28020 Madrid, Spain.

Map: View Google directions here.

About World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Founded: 1946

Head: Secretary-General; Zurab Pololikashvili


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations mandated with the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. It is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. UNWTO is the leading international organization for the promotion of tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability.

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Events

View the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Events through the above link.

Focus on UNWTO

  • Sustainable Development
  • International Code for the Protection of Tourists
  • Product Development
  • Destination Management
  • Innovation & Investments
  • Ethics, Culture & Social Responsibility
  • Technical Cooperation
  • UNWTO Academy

Employment Opportunities in UNWTO

View the Employment Opportunities in UNWTO through the above link.

Resources & Data in UNWTO

Tourism Data & Statistics  Tourism Statistics Methodology

Language Services

  • Tourism Data Dashboard
  • UNWTO World Tourism Barometer
  • Tourism Statistics Database
  • Global SDG Data
  • Market Intelligence
  • Measuring the Sustainable of Tourism (MST)
  • Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA)
  • International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics (IRTS)
There are six official languages of UNWTO. There are

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish.

*For more information visit here.

Employment Conditions in UNWTO

  1. Contract Types: UNWTO offers various types of employment contracts, including temporary, fixed-term, and permanent contracts. The specific contract type depends on the nature of the position and the duration of the assignment.
  2. Salaries and Benefits: UNWTO provides competitive salary packages that are based on the organization’s job classification system, which takes into account factors such as job responsibilities, qualifications, and experience. In addition to the base salary, employees may receive other benefits such as health insurance, pension contributions, and allowances for housing, education, and dependents.
  3. Work Hours: The standard workweek at UNWTO is typically 40 hours, Monday to Friday. However, specific work hours may vary based on the position and the location of the assignment.
  4. Leave and Holidays: UNWTO employees are entitled to annual leave, which accumulates based on the length of service. The organization also observes official holidays as determined by the host country where the employee is based.
  5. Training and Development: UNWTO promotes professional development and provides opportunities for training and learning through workshops, conferences, and other initiatives. Employees are encouraged to enhance their skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to the organization’s goals.
  6. Work-Life Balance: UNWTO recognizes the importance of work-life balance and supports flexible working arrangements whenever possible. This may include options such as telecommuting or flexible working hours, depending on the nature of the role.
  7. Equal Opportunity and Diversity: UNWTO is committed to promoting equal opportunity and diversity in its workforce. The organization seeks to maintain a diverse and inclusive work environment that respects and values the contributions of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.

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